30 thoughts on “Russian Watermelon Bags”

    • Typical cheap and nasty Russian bags made in China, while rich westerners like us carry luxurious Luis Vuitton bags 🙁

      • Russians eat plastic food and buy Louis Vuitton bags. And Russian models are so unpleasant that instead of their faces they show only their bags and cheap clothes made in China by poor children in factories. Or Russians are all gays when they are more interested in women’s bags instead of their women.

        Please, help to these poor people.

  1. relating fashion and clothes I saw many horrendous things in my life, and this is one of them 🙁 .at least is not the worst.

    Miss india; show your face!!

  2. Don’t beckon Miss India, that disgusting worthless Caliban.

    Hopefully, it had an unfortunate meeting with a bus or train.

  3. OMG… Russians are so cheap that they need to make plastic food instead of the real one. I feel so sorry for these poor people.

  4. Кто постит все это на ДЁТИ, будте добры, отправьте инвайт на matrixsloboda@yandex.ru . Заранее благодарен, ибо у меня нет иных способов\друзей\связей, что бы заработать его.

  5. Another old idea – this time from 60s.



    and this one:


  6. Another old idea – this time from 60s.



    and this one:


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  11. Great post!Would like to know that Louis Vuitton replica handbags is really synonymous with luxury and style?Also like to know that why we needn’t tell anybody how much we paid for bag?It really sounds so cheap,how it come possible?If it is real then i must follow your thread.Thanks for it.

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