Obama’s Palm

Russian word on Obama's hand

Yesterday after the Obama’s meeting in London with other politicians, Russian bloggers has concluded that newly elected American president has a Russian curse word on his right palm. This idea became viral in hours and the second image appeared, which explains how to look correctly on Obama’s palm in order to see the word. The meaning of this word I guess, would be explained in comments bit later.

Russian word on Obama's hand 2

171 thoughts on “Obama’s Palm”

    • Why are Russians always jealous of American presidents because US prez always are the centre of attention? isnt it about time Russians realise they are just a nother 3rd world poor trash country not worthy of other people’s time? 🙁

      • Excuse me “dude” I do not wish you to upset but here it your real America —>>> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#

      • God, U R Indian !!! hahaah That’s like the worst nationality to have, the ugliest people in the world, running all over like roaches!!!!

      • First of all “India”, we, Russians aren’t a 3th world country, you people from India shouldn’t be talking in the first place, with your largest favela of the world (New Delhi). Favela means poorness, doesn’t that make you a bit of a hypocrite, saying something bad against someone/something else, while being it yourself?
        Tell me, how is Russia a poor country, while Moskow is the MOST expensive city in the world? We’re not the ones making houses of golf plates and cartboard.
        That being said, I got the urge to be a sexist now,

      • Obama made a lot of new promises to overturn Bush’s policies and to overhaul the fundamental structure of the U.S.A.; he has maintained ALL of Bush’s policies (Every single one that he had condemned). Obama has moved forward with the systematic dismantling of American ideals, exceptionalism and foundational structure. Wow! Obama is an absolute failure as POTUS, but a hero of failed European style Socialism.

      • excuse me?
        russia is a THIRD WORLD country??? who are you kidding, miss INDIA?
        (no comment, but india is a third world country, and russia isn’t.)
        and russians are jealous of the u.s. president? half of us russians are racist anyway, i mean, WHAT?
        all right, obama is a good president, but HELLO, so are (were) putin and medvedev…

      • WOW!! Thats why american presidents are the center of attention is because of ignorant people like you…
        Russia is by no means a third world country….. you are just a blind sheep being led to belive these things… where do you think america will be in 20 years with the financial deficit we are in now?? I came here from eastern europe and ignorant people like you asked me what it was like to ride in a car or to taste soda for the first time… Heres a reality check, we have everything you do!!

      • You do realize i can learn more in 1 year on my computer from site to site blog to blog forum to forum and learn more then you could at any collage in 4 years. College bubble

    • FACT: Obama has engaged in gay sex from a male prostitute while smoking crack cocaine.

      The media and Obama’s goons have gone to great lengths to cover this up.

      • You say “Obama has engaged in gay sex from a male prostitute while smoking crack cocaine” like it’s a BAD thing! So what!? EVERYBODY in America has engaged in gay sex from a male prostitute while smoking crack cocaine! I, and most people agree, wouldn’t vote for somebody who HASN’T engaged in gay sex from a male prostitute while smoking crack cocaine!

        • im sorry but not everyone has hired a gay prostitute while smoking crack cocaine, actually, i am glad to say that not everyone is a homosexual 400lb virgin (other than gay prostitutes) living in his mother’s basement blogging in his underwear. but thank you for sharing your opinion and showing everyone who is the most happy and ignorant.

          • i love it when people say something insulting directed at someone else, yet they don’t realize that the individual they were attempting to insult was being sarcastic. Thus doing nothing more than making a complete ass out of themselves in the end.

          • There’s a saying that covers this type of situation:

            “Remain silent and be thought a fool.
            Speak and remove all doubt!”

            Like it? I do. One of my favorite put downs for
            know it alls! Takes them a few minutes to figure it
            out – then they aren’t sure exactly “how” you meant
            it! Only in the worst way, LOL!

      • Cause someone is kinky in bed, doesn’t make him bad in politics. His job is to clean up and rule a country, not to be a pornstar, so what he does or will do in private, is irrelevant. By saying that he’s gay or has sex, implies that anyone gay or anyone fornicating is unable to be a politician. Those two are unrelated.

    • Its pretty pathetic that you feel the need to troll as much as you do, Miss India. You are obviously trying to compensate for how miserable your own life is, but all you are achieving is making yourself look like an ignorant and uneducated tool. The only person laughing at your comments is your self; the rest of us are laughing AT you.
      Maybe its time to stop trying to feel like a hero by hiding behind your computer screen and typing trash on the internet, and go and get yourself a life you disgusting little scrub.

      • Actually, I’m from Boston. Is that a “typical thing for a redneck from Georgia to say”? I like your name…IRONFIST…it sounds so big and manly! Compensating for something?

        • Funny, I’m from Medford. I don’t understand why your name would be “Michael – Georgia, USA” if you’re from Boston, unless you’re originally from Boston and now living in Georgia. Either way, I couldn’t imagine anyone from Mass wanting to move to Georgia.

          • Omg. Both of you really need to grow up. You clearly don’t live in Georgia, so don’t just assume everybody is a redneck hick and republican. Geez, rude.

            On a side note, the picture has nothing to do with anything either of you are talking about. If it’s not related to the fact that the president’s hand creases just happen to look like a Russian curse word, it shouldn’t be on here.

      • you ever notice that the anti christ is described as a man in his 40s of muslim descent, who will deceive nations with persuasive language, and have a massive christ-like appeal. People will flock to him and he will promise false hop and world peace, and when he is in power he will destroy everything.

        • What fairy tale does that “antichrist” character appear again? And was it by Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm?

        • showed up in the bible before nostradomos said it.

          and nostradamas didn’t really say it, he said vague things ppl interpret in anyways they like

          • are you serious? I find it difficult to believe that the bible said the antichrist was muslim, seeing as the muslim faith came about AFTER the bible was written……duh

        • I’m pretty sure nowhere in any biblical text is the antichrist described as a Muslim. The word Muslim pretty much means literally one who submits to God. Islam also has it’s own version of the antichrist and they call him the Dajjal in their texts, but they do have a belief in a saviour that will come to save them, a Christ-like figure that’s supposed to appear in the middle east at the end times
          and wage a final war against Satan. Some muslims think it will be Jesus, but the character is very much like the biblical antichrist in that he causes world peace and everyone loves him, oh and I think he destroys Israel, too. One more note on the Jesus of Islam, he’s coming to destroy Christianity and the Catholic church for basically changing everything he preached about to suit their own interests.

          • wait but jesus was a martyr, right? so he shouldve went to heaven according to this fairytale you call religion

        • You say, “People will flock to him and he will promise false hop and world peace, and when he is in power he will destroy everything.” …Gotta watch out for that false “hop”…. cause, umm, what???is that like a misstep? Hmm? Give it up…. He’s just a man, trying to do a good job, in a world full of crazies who think they have a direct link to god, or dog, or whatever it is that you think you believe…. Go listen to some extremist religious fanatic ranting some more of this insanity, but leave the rest of us out of it!

  1. As for me, I think that if you put all the hands of those guys that noticed that together, and then read their lines, it forms the phrase « WAY TOO MUCH TIME » on their hands 🙂

  2. lol omg dave. i agree with the us citizenship and that he hasn’t proven it to even be president, but the impersonating religion stuff is going a bit far. that would make us the same as england 200 years ago and so many other countries that suck because they do not have freedom of religion. freedom of religion is one of the reasons WHY we exist.

    i can’t wait to see him leave though. his ideals are so unamerican it makes me sick.

  3. poor American nation, fooled by ideas abt “freedom, democracy”. You have been segregating blacks for decades and made indians extincted. & u dare to speak of democracy? :)God knows all & no1 can evade penalty. Your penalty is your government that sells U dirt U eat, then u pay to surgeons,buy those pills & equipment to loose that dirt you carry. DON’T U SEE – u r used to be non-thinking consumers lost in pervert. Even September, 11 was staged by your government led by the terrorist #1 G.Bush. Muslims couldn’t do that, if u could know at least anything abt that religion. U R MISERABLE if the government u vote for kills U using the taxes U pay. Actually U don’t choose or vote everything is planned beforehand. ask the Fords, Bushs, ROCKEFELLERs. BUT no1 can either know or forecast GOD’s PLAN.
    WAKE UP, O SLEEPY NATION, U can’t be completely without brains. at least sm cells of brains. NO? :))))))OH plz, conrtive smthing , invite scientists from the third world. or may be aliens or Gurus and gay leaders wiht their lesbian children. My muslim friend advises:
    “ASK ALLAH FOR PARDON” Maybe this will help 😉

    • “WAKE UP, O SLEEPY NATION” well said, boy. U can’t be very smart if try to speak with a deaf-blind-fool Americans.
      THEY ARE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!
      RUSSIA FOR EVER. пошли их всех на …….

      • Unless the Russians we focus on learning to speak English, but few Americans speak Russian Well said we don’t live in the United States.
        Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

    • For Wtf and eagle:
      Unless the Russians we focus on learning to speak English, but few Americans speak Russian Well said we don’t live in the United States.
      Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

  4. And this is why I come to this site. Learn something about a country I’ll never get to go to and see first hand the beauty and the decay side by side, and then read trolls trolling trolls. And nothing feeds trolls better than Obama, religion, and ignorance.
    I say Obama is a zombie satanist alien that feeds on aborted fetus blood, and Dubya could have straitened things out in another term or two, how do you like them apples? I had proof, but men in black suits stole it from me, raped my dog, emptied my bank account and then had lime jello put in all my shoes! And Nose-trodamus was far smarter than all of us put together, so he MUST be right!
    If life here in the U.S. is so bad just because a black man is pres, move to France!

    • ok i agree with what you said but do not say anything about satanists alright. i happen to be one and i get sick and tired of people saying we are basically a sacrificial religion. so unless you know something about a particular religion, keep your mouth shut.

    • ha ha – “move to France”

      Countries don’t just let Americans move in. There’s a reason they don’t too. Crime goes up, home values go down. And most of them go on welfare because they can’t speak the language and don’t even try to learn it.

      Get a clue. They don’t want Americans on their streets. Duh.

  5. That looks like the word(Nil)on his hand and Saint Nil Sorsky was the first Russian mystic to write about the contemplative life and to formulate a guide for spiritual self-perfection.

    Nil in english would mean it does not exists.

  6. Who cares what is on his hand ?
    It doesn’t matter who is president (black,white,democrat,republican,liberal,right wing,left wing,independant,whatever),It’s all the same.Nothing is going to change,politicians are all the same and this country has some of the worst.Until the people rise up and take back the country,it will continue to go down.Rember the government is surposed to be,”By the people,For the people”.Lose a few more freedoms and we have a tyrany going on.And any way I think Russian Babes are Hot.And their accent speaking english is Sooooo SEXY.I want one !!!!!

  7. Russian women are Hot.
    They have a sexy accent,while speaking english.
    I want one !
    ( No I’m not being a smart ass.All the Russian women I have met in Ocean City,Maryland are Beautieful.I wish I spoke Russian,so I could have talked to them more.)

  8. I get where you’re going but your mentality is actually probably causing more harm than good. We have monumental research grants that lead to meaningful advances in the USA, but there is no point in demeaning people of cultures far, far older and established than our own. Pity’s sake, we just returned rights to some of our citizens less than a hundred years ago. Gitmo was/is a disgrace since the war that founded it. I feel we are meant to be leaders of the world, not a people who willfully hate the rest of the world. Yeah, we have better guns. I get it. It doesn’t mean that should always be our first recourse. Don’t let diplomacy die in our United States. We were founded on it. “All men are created equal.” Don’t forget that means everyone else, too.

  9. I can not read the russian curse word! Actually I do not know russian language. Thanks for posting this image. God bless

  10. god bless you all right or wrong its not you so dont worrie about it and all u raceist people are makeing your self look bad get over it the world is crazy so what if you scared go to church! lol

  11. ok i dont know if this idea has been posted already but i looked at my hand and saw the same thing basically lol. the only reason there is so much fuss over Obama is because he is black. i am not a racist, just clarifying that right now lol

  12. I have spen fifteen minutes reading what you people said … but let me first say that what says on president Obama’s hand is not important… Second the truth that people in the whole world are becoming brainwashed by the television and the ieas that media prezent to them is very true (you may hate me as much as you want but that is true.) Thirdly Even the religion is used to brainwash us. Now I don’t live in America, I dont live in england and I don’t hate anyone. But people in the western country are ruled by paranoia and fear. Because they fear so many things and apre paranoid by the very mention of danger or death they tend to transfer that over other countryes. 😀 😀 😀 Its like we are in high school and the America is the most popular and most gorgeous girl we are envyous with and whenever she’s afrais we pick up her fears mindlesly. How ridiculous :D. Believe it or not WAR is the best way of making profit and best way of getting rid of the exces of the population. In nay case goverment wins.

    Anyway good day to you all 🙂

  13. heaven is the place where everything is perfect just so u know

    nd if u all say obamas the antichrist i hope u all know na to take the beast mark when he offers it to u

    its all false hope so dont belive it

  14. dayum, all this for some writing on a dude’s hand, what else are they gonna come with, had to be someone with no time to actually make it into a big deal, SO WHAT IF ITS CRUDDY WRITING WITH A PERVERTED MEAN,WHO CARES,lets look at all of our hands and try to see then,what mystical writings are in ours.lol

  15. Love this post!!

    I love America, even if it is imperfect.

    Don’t care what his hand says.

    Whether you like him or not, he’s president, so deal.

  16. I’m as American as apple pie, but I can tell you; Russia, Germany, France, Japan, et al will be here long after the dissolution of the USA. The USA was doomed after the immigration laws were changed in the 1960s. A nation-state is at its heart, held together by the nationality of her citizens. Change that, and the nation no longer exists.

  17. OMG! I have it on MY hand too!

    meh, considering all the lines on your hands are criss-crossed, figure the odds of not being able to spell XYN.

    LOL @ WII

  18. God, imagine the hue and cry that would ensue if the man had a tattoo on his hand! This whole thing is absurd. Get a life….


    • Fact: When the Spaniards arrived at Mexico, and they saw the Mayans, The Mayans didn’t know what a gun was and they thought the Spaniards were Gods.

      The same Mayans “Predicted 2012”.

      But! I DO believe in the “Obama Conspiracy”!

      and I do think SOMETHING will happen. Just not the end of the world.

  20. 1. Not replying to anyone, so nobody will feel mad.
    2. Not saying anything about religion, even if the assumption below would deny some of them.
    3. Not saying where I’m from, since I’m not even there, and my English is not supposed to be perfect.

    Now, I’d like to do a hypotesis.

    I keep thinking of a (let’s say) extra-terrestrial form of life, that would be intelligent enough to look at us from out there, studying the World’s species, analysing the odds of a future contact and, for instance, reading this very thread comments, written by people from various different countries but from the same planet. There’s no need to say about wars or spreaded ignorance that we see everyday on the streets, everywhere in the World. And I keep asking myself (and I’m not asking anybody else in here now; so feel free not to answer), ‘what on Universe’ these creatures would and could think of ourselves in the middle of this mess. After all, I imagine they could ask themselves something like this: “Is this really the only, the single form of evolved intelligent life that we can find on this little planet called Earth?”. And then they would move on.

    End of theory.

  21. By the way, I forgot to mention something about the 2012 thing. Look people its just a calender. The world doesn’t blowup every year on Dec. 31 at midnight does it? No it doesn’t. It’s not the first time that calender has made a complete revolution. Accorting to the Miyans. It’s like the 3rd or 4rth time that they can remember. And I doubt that Nastadamus is more accurate than Christ, God, Mohamad or Allah is at predicting the end of the world. Not meaning to preach the Bible or anything but it says that “Noone knows the day, hour or minute of the end of the world. Not even Christ himself.” So I kinda doubt that the Myans know.

    • wait… Miyans or Myans? What about the Maiyins and the Myinz? Oh, you mean the Mayans?? Oh I get it.

      Anyway, why is any of us wasting their time posting on this idiocy?

      And, to the person who said that there’s no segregation in this country, they should come to Philadelphia. Start in north Philly and work your way down to South, and you’ll see what a truly segregated city looks like.

  22. :]
    gosh I was gonna read for some interesting responses
    but I wasn’t even halfway through and everyone is throwing bad words at each other. I think if your going to have a debate about politics or religion then you need to be impeccable with your words, heck if you have an opinion about anything really whether it be what country you live in and how it treats its people and fellow countries or when and if there is an apocalypse. President’s shake a lot of hands and sign a lot of paper’s ^_^ there gonna have lines there, it doesn’t matter if someone spelled out a random word on it, that’s like having a conspiracy against your alphabet soup…you just know it’s telling you to buy alcohol xD

  23. Just to say i really doubt Barrack Obama would do that and im not bias as im from Britain and omg who cares if he did nuttin wrong with that lol

  24. Obama is not the anti-christ, but is a pretender to the throne, he went to college on and Indo. grant under another name, thats why they will not give info on his passports etc. and yes the world comes to the end as we know on it on 2012. it is my task to bring this about, even now i grow stronger as the stars come into allignment. my teeth are starting to regenerate and my scares are dissappearing

  25. After staring at my hand for 5 minutes, I can spell this word on my hand aswell.

    Not so hard with 5 billion lines on your hand..

  26. I hate it when someone explains the truth and just because its different to what other people have been told by the media/government/schools they just laugh or mock them and don’t even think about finding some factual evidence to see if they are actually correct in what they’re saying, so i wont explain, i will just say google search “ZEITGEIST”. Please don’t just brush this over, it’ so important to every aspect of your lives.

  27. omg…..you have to be kidding me are you stuck in the dark ages…..lets talk about world hunger, child abduction,keeping the planet green, child abuse, spouse abuse, world war, lets deal with whats in our faceses not whats in the minds of the demented, or the uneducated lets deal with the world’s problems not the myths and fantasys…spell check but you know what im talking about… i wish everyone love happiness and long live & gods blessing. lets not make ourselves judge & jury just live live & do the right thing when put in certain positions. i wish everyone well, lets get back to eden living on top of the world. pass the love along

  28. Wow!!!!! Its amazing how people are bored these days!! Our minds are programmed in way(biologicaly speaking) that it notices the most intrigung paterns. Its hust a simple contorting image formed from the patterns of his palms!! There`s nothing to it!! You all claim to to be smart but all fails to point this! GET A LIFE!!! Oh yall russians can come suck my sweaty balls!!

  29. hey… you are missing a line here… there are a line below his thumb… so it’s actually WO … means World Order … the US already has this word on their dollars…. 😛 .. new worlds order… 😀

  30. Great, Talk about it in the title, talk about in the “article” … but not releaving what it means…

    No infomration, no use, never to return again

    good job

  31. Just sayin that I’m sittting here healthy on the internet using my cell phone. Cuz I’m in america. I’ve been to australia france mexico and bahamas and they all have something to offer. Keep in mind more of america is rural woods plains and mountains than cities… we aren’t alll crammed one on top of the other. We shower everyday and have clean clothes. Everyone has a chance for a free education. And for the record way too many people seem to overlook that glenn beck is in fact the antichrist

  32. First of all, the use of profanity is totally not needed.
    Second of all, i’m russian.
    And finally, i take so much pride in my country, i’m proud of every single thing they have done, but this is wrong every person can see something on their hands and whether it means something or not if you believe enough that it says something than it will be, our minds are powerful things. But tbh, Obama did NOT deserve the nobel prize, that was completely wrong. All he did was come after Bush and said what he did was wrong, WELL HELLO everyone knows that. He just announced it to a lot of people. And being the first black president, wow whoopie, like that made a difference to the world.

  33. If helping each other and not hitting the face of the weakest is communism, then you might be right, else you might just be ignorant.
    Neither Republicans nor democrats has anything social, even farer from communism.

    You only show your lack of culture.

  34. It is totally amazing how serious everyone has taken this posting!! The anger of some the total disdain of others and of course the biblical pundits with the mark of the beast scenarios!! Completely hysterical I am seriously laughing to the point of not breathing it is so funny!!
    Why do we Americans take ourselves so freaking seriously? I mean to say why can’t we lighten up and jsut be part of this world why do we “have to be the best, biggest, baddest, most”? It is really annoying and when looked at from the point of view of the rest of the world really silly and immature.
    Obama is a black man and THAT is what annoys most Americans you will never admit it but I know it to be so. We are racist through and through…pretty F’d up. The guys that posted this KNEW it would bring out the loony fringe and boy it did !!!! Too funny…

  35. i’m an american and I think obama is the worst prez in history, he’s an incompetant fool

  36. Hey dude, while I am sure you are a near expert in this subject I think you will find England (and the rest of the UK) to be one of the most tolerant countries in the world. What I am suprised you haven’t picked up on in this forum is how ridiculously racist the majority of Russia is… Seems like I good card to play in this forum rather than dragging in poor unsuspecting France, and attacking Poland? We all know what happened last time they got attacked.

  37. I’d like to put in a good word for Sweden in all of this.
    We’ll rule the world in about 25 years so be nice to us.

  38. Many signs of evil and of curse will be found by many and in many ways in Obama, because this man is the evil of evil. Bad human being, hypocrie, lies without any shame whatsoever; I cannot describe anymore how evil and disgusting and from satan this man is, because I assume that by now everyone knows, or everyone should know, except those who choose to be blind. God help our USA. May this man be impeached soon.

  39. Curiouser and curiouser. The very thing that caused me stumble upon this webpage and yet I’m caught between feeling amusement and disgust.
    I figure I may as well add my two cents to this pettiness— no doubt that I will also be virtually attacked in the onslaught of somebody’s fickle outrage.. but as I amused myself by wasting my time and reading this I can only garner one thing amongst this labyrinth of misspelled words and misquoted quotes and misconstrued, fictionalised bits of history is that essentially: a country is being blamed for the imperfections of another country whilst defending it’s own imperfections and additionally attacking other countries in the process. Now reverse; and repeat.
    Fantastic, you’ve made a vortex that could confuse Voltaire himself.

    But if everyone could (however unlikely it is) calm down for a moment and notice your arguments are not going anywhere.. has nobody ever heard the term “Never attack in anger”? In any case— stop blaming a country for it’s flaws.. any country. Do you know what makes the flaws in a country? We do! Homo Sapiens. We’re bad enough on our own, yet we created politics and religion.. why? To cause more outrage and racism and pettiness —(by the way, on religion— even that has common ground: a belief in a God! You believe yours, I believe mine. See how simple it can be? Stop pushing your beliefs onto me, stop trying to save my soul from Satan or Bin Laden or Rumpelstiltskin. Would you change your religion if someone pushed theirs onto you? Oh? So why do you attempt the same, be content in thinking you’ll go to heaven or paradise or wonderland and leave the rest of us be)— So what you should actually be saying is that every human being is to blame, which we are. We are a species that, despite different skin, hair or eye colours, language, tradition or sense of humour— we all have exactly 3 things in common: Flaws, opinions and a mouth (although in this case hands would most likely work better). So don’t blame one person, or a certain group of people for something that you yourself have played a part in (every comment here is proof enough).

    I have lived in America, and I have lived in Russia. They are both equally amazing countries with their own histories (even if Russia’s is in all honesty, considerably larger..) and quirks and let’s face it— at the end of the day, what does it matter?
    Perhaps the real problem is much more simple: America does not have a good health system (right now, anyway) and Russia has a rather potent vodka. (until the tolerance kicks in)— so maybe the problem is getting liver poisoning at the wrong time?

    And the proverbial guillotine drops..

  40. so this forum started with obamas hand. my god a russian comment can go far, FROM a completely oblivious Self obsessed INDIAN. Cheers.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    – Canada

  41. i’ve been reading palms for many years and can assure you that there is nothing to this claim. however, obama does have an unusual fate line that rises from two sources (as an inverted v) and continues up the palm. i think this is a result of his biracial background, and fits in very well with a analysis of his handwritten signature, in which the o in obama is split very neatly down the middle.

  42. @ miss India NO it’s not toilet tissue! In the rest of the world we use tissue to wipe not or hands like you curry asses . Hand are for
    Typing not wipeing!

  43. please guys lets not be intolerant to anybody and least of all begin abusing great countries….usa, russia, india all are great nations….lets be tolerant not be such intolerant people…we dont even know whether this so called “miss india” is an indian…..lets chill it a little…such fools are aplenty all over the world… message from india “LIVE AND LET LIVE”…god bless us all…

  44. dear indian hating asswipes.. missindia is atleast 10 year old troll handle created by some deranged pakistani and has been exposed many times

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