No Stroller in My Lobby

This story was discussed yesterday on Russian blogs. Lobbies in many Russian houses are very small, which comes from Soviet times, during that era Russian authorities thought that people don’t need any luxury or excess comfort so the lobby in the typical Soviet house of 70s was so to say not big. Also during 1960-70s a lot of “temporary” 5 stored houses were built. At that times there was a belief that Russian people just a few steps away from the total Communism and full abundance, and so that to commit those few steps state built houses just for a while, for a few years, that were planned to be replaced after the Communism would come into play to the big nice houses. Years passed, Soviet Union collapsed, state became capitalistic and all seemed to forget about the real purpose of those residential structures – almost all of these houses are still intact and inhabited and people even don’t mind living there.

So in one of such houses there lived a young mother leaving her stroller down. The neighbors were against, though were not saying this into her face, rather making some things when she was not looking, like, as she was saying:

“First they became putting different crap in my stroller: cigarette butts, water, other garbage. We cleared it up, and put an announcement asking neighbors to send all their questions directly to us and leave the stroller. The neighbors got quit for a while, but then they started another action: they became throwing the stroller downstairs, so we had to tie it to the wall. Then the neighbors decided to tie the stroller too with their own lock. We had to break their lock with applier. Then they spoiled our lock. So we decided to check who is that neighbor doing all this. Put the webcam, connected it to the PC to record the movement, put the stroller back down there and started watching. Of course, we have missed everything, but then checked the records and here are they…”

Then Russian readers of lady blog got divided in two parts. First expressed sympathy to the young mother and were cursing her neighbors, others on contrary started threads about how bad was she causing the neighbors discomfort with that baby stroller.

We have only the video to see.

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    • OMG Russians lacks politeness, and no consideration for others using public space, blocking other people’s path 🙁

      • look, if u see there is a little railing that shows that anything big e.g. cart can be placed without blocking the way but this carrage was placed ignorantly infront of the door so i applaud you russian fighter against carrages.

        Miss india, u lack a brain.

  1. Leaving your stroller to block off half of a public space like that is OBNOXIOUS. How hard would it have been just to pull the damn thing up 8 stairs and let it take up room in your own apartment?

    Sheesh. I’m with the stroller-bashers here.

  2. I went thru the same thing years ago in a NYC walk up when they left a big ass stroller in the lobby and all the baby bikes and toys in the very narrow hallway! Yep, I agree If they can afford a webcam then get a folding stroller and keep it in their space!

  3. Well I don’t know how much Russian strollers cost in comparison to US strollers, but good quality US strollers are quite expensive, and cost much more than a webcam!

  4. These 5 story buildings “hruschevki” do not have elevators. The question is which floor this young mother live on.

  5. How about folding it before tying it to the wall??? At least get it out of the walkway…

    I agree though – surely she would have time and energy to come back downstairs and get it after the baby was down for a nap or in a playpin… I’ll guess she lives in the apartment at the top of the stairs where the webcam is fished through the door frame to a computer.

    Everybody is at fault here. The nutty neighbor, the old lady that won’t calm her man, and the baby mama who won’t keep her stuff out of the way.

  6. Small minded eastern European mentality. Wanted once to buy a beautiful house next to a Australian male of Latvian decent. What a whack job. Just like the dude in this video. Lucky its just a stroller and not a car.

    I had three kids in four years tough job, and I didn’t have to walk up five flights of stairs.

    No wonder communise didn’t work.

  7. Why are people so mean to each?
    In this case both sides are wrong:
    the woman had no right to put a stroller in the lobby, the least she could do is to make it as compact as possible.
    The man had no right to break someone’s property.

    I think the solution is to put a punching bag between the stairs to let people get rid of their anger.

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  9. The entrance of the building is well lit.

    In some apartment buildings the entrance is dark and it is necessary for people to feel for the button to push for the door to open!

  10. I can see why Russians get such a bad reputation in all the post Soviet/communist countries!

    To all those who think the logic of “if you can afford a webcam then you can afford a fold stroller” Have you ever seen a webcam price or a stroller price? Webcam: $10, stroller: $300+ simple math people!

  11. I think I’m gonna do the same to my neighbor’s baby carriage! Their stuff blocks the entrance always being full of kid’s bikes, sleighs, balls, prams, what not. Police said they cannot help since its the building’s admin duty. The admin said the troublemakers threathened him and he is helpless. All the 9 remaining families living here cannot pass. Including our old neighbor in a friggin wheelchair! My patience is running out…

  12. Americans,

    these flat-like-structures are SMALL. If there were any space in them to store the stroller, the young mom would not risk the stroller to be ruined. This is not question of having money to buy good quality stroller, it is question of money to buy a bigger flat than 20 square meters… Try to live in such a small place and judge the mom after it, please…

    • My flat is 22 square metres. Me and my hubby have bikes and we don’t keep them there, for pity’s sakes… Your stuff belongs to your space and not the public one… Or, ff you can’t afford a bigger apartment do not breed. (I am not American – I live in a country similar to Russia.)

      • Dear Zorza: do you have any child?

        Keeping bikes in the flat together with your hubby is not the same as keeping bikes in the flat together with any child. You know: diseases, infections from street, mud, etc. Kids don’t bear it, and medicines mean even more money.

        Are you serious when saying no money – no breeding? Does this mean that some countries should stop breeding completely? What is the money limit to start breeding? Affording a bigger flat? Affording car? Affording swimming pool? Affording private education of your children? People can be never rich enough to afford breeding since no money is enough to provide the maximum life quality for children and you together! At all level can be said: if you do not have money to afford a car in order not to disturb passengers of public transport, do not breed! If you do not have money to provide your children high level education do not breed! But in that case WHO will breed?

        Who does feel himself rich enough to afford children? If you live in a post-communist country you see: rich people are selfish, they don’t breed, because money is the first in their life. According to you poor people should not breed. And who will then? The persons between them? Will it enough?

        I think that everyone should breed, because producing the next generation is a common interest, because they will produce our pension as we will get old. The less is the number of next generation the less pension you will have. In this meaning everyone should make efforts in order to raise children. If one does not breed, then at least bear that someone takes the job and does breed.

        I am neither American nor Russian, I am from a country similar to Russia too – Hungary.

  13. I live in such an apartment building – from soviet times in the 60s – and had a similar situation when I left my bike, like others in my building did in this space. After vandalism, I put the small battery camera in the electrical/phone box on the next flight up.

    The neighbor who did it had a “PT cruiser” from the states.

    I told him I could get him good replacement parts from the US for him.

    My bike still runs.

  14. But the stroller isn’t even in his way – if you look he goes up the stairs (when he has finished having a tantrum) and the stroller isn’t even blocking the stairs at all.

    I do agree that it is a large stroller for such a small lobby though. She should have thought about that and bought a collapsable one. You can buy pushchairs that collapse so thinly they’d take up as much room as 2 or 3 umbrellas!

  15. Lil children are the best and deserve only that! Your post has allowed me to think up some interesting ideas, so thank you and please keep it coming!


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