The Raw Deer

Russian people eating raw meat
People of Russian North know that eating food raw, as it is, or better to say as it was in nature, can be very beneficial to your health.

The only problem that the only food during long polar nights available in raw state in these lands is meat and blood – the flesh of the freshly killed deers they breed. So, they eat it as it is – raw and uncooked. People say, that this is the only source of vitamins, especially vitamin C for them, and due to this habit they maintain to survive in severe Northern climates for hundreds of years.

Children participate in such bloody lunches since the early age and perceive the taste of raw flesh and blood in no other words as “Tasty! Delicious! Awesome!” or even “The best thing to eat in whole life”.

Russian people eating raw meat 2

Russian people eating raw meat 3

Russian people eating raw meat 4

Russian people eating raw meat 5

Russian people eating raw meat 6

photos by David Dektor

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      • sami people are mongoloid, some of them have caucasian characteristics just because of too much intermarriage with Nordics.. What looks white isn’t necessary…

        I got nautious seeing all those barbaric hordes eating like animals.. so primitive! :-S

      • saami are lapanoids, it’s transitional sub-race between mongoloids and caucasians. and of course, there are many common in the culture of siberian north and american north indigenous tribes.

        • Yeah I live in Canada and once a year an inuit friend of the family comes down from the north with tuktu (raw caribou) its one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted in my life. It would make sense for these ethnic Russian tribes of Siberia to eat that way too.

  1. people ? trust me, my wriend, tast of huma – don’t wort even TRY to eat them. and you get sickness[im not kidding], one of 9, typical for human eaters.

  2. Feast of prehistoric stone age. Natural and nice.

    I like to eat raw meat (pieces of pig) sometimes. It’s tasty, try it with salt and pepper.



  3. That’s how its start. First you eat animals, then people and then you are a brain eating zombie. That’s when I come in with my shotgun and blast your head into peaces. KABLAAMM!! Left 4 Dead real life!

    • …yeah and then u wake up wank and go back to your computer games shouting ‘Moooom I’m hungry when is dinner’ ;]

    • go educate yourself ;-), there are northern indigenous tribes of siberia on the photo. they are living just like as other northern natives.

    • wow, you used the word ethnic. This world is full of abominalble cross individuals, who build themselves up by criticizing and attacking others. If only you had yur perfect world. Then you would run out of problems, and realize, that your lack of happiness comes from the inside. its not the non-ethnic russian, or the jew, or any1’s fault, but your own. and your creator.

    • lol i am usually quite critical of Russia but in this case you are wrong, India is a backwards plcae, TRAINS AND TOILETS need i say more lol

      these people are cool, true to nature

      i dont fancy raw food myself tho

  4. Tip #1: Eating any type of uncooked or undercooked meat (especially pork, beef or fish) will give you all kinds of parasites and other diseases. If you have eaten raw pig, I suggest you take de-worming tablets.

    Tip #2: Boil all drinking water especially if you are out in the wild. Do not drink raw water from the stream – unless you want diarrhea.

    • northerner? Wtf is that? And no, eating raw meat is perfectly acceptable if you know what to eat and what not to eat. Eyes for example, are great things to eat.

      • I was referring to the mongoloids in the photo. You know, the people with the slanted eyes. Do I have to spell it out for you?

        Eating raw meat may or may not be socially acceptable. This is not the point I am trying to make. Parasites are not a pleasant experience. I’ve worked in a medical office and helped treat people with worms. Most of them became infected by either 1) eating undercooked meat 2) drinking contaminated water. So please, those of you who are reading this – cook your meat thoroughly, wash your vegetables and boil your water before drinking it especially if you are out camping or in a third world country.

        • Jesus Christ, be quiet. Everyoneone knows you should coock your meat before eating, but these nomads (NOTE: NOT “northeners”, wtf is this some cind of PC?) know what to eat, and what not to eat. And how to eat.

          • I don’t know what they’re called. I assumed they were natives from north of russia, hence the name.

            Are you alright? You seem on the edge. I suggest you see a shrink and take some medication for your mental problems. Take some time off the internet. It might help you.

              • chef what is the point of being so extreme in make other people see the things like you do, your advice is OK, everyone knows that meat must be cooked and water boiled but it’s enough with the advice, thanks.

    • will give you all kinds of parasites and other diseases

      Don’t worry – siberian climate is too harsh for parasites and microbes 🙂

    • Wow, people get so worked up over raw meat, as someone who was raised on normal cooked meals like everyone else, I can assure you healthy people with good immune systems can take it fine.

      Ive had raw meat that was a week old in my fridge a few times, 2 week old raw oysters, raw salmon about a week old, raw eggs all the time, raw cow liver. I have never once gotten sick from any of this, everything tastes better fresh though :P.

      I am 26, about 5 foot 6, 135 pounds, active as hell in the summer, sedentary as hell in the winter, weight doesn’t change with in about 3 pounds.

      Raw vs cooked arguments aside, there seems to be an ever growing body of evidence that hunter gatherer type diets are the best. Here is a recent article from a reputable source in favour of such arguments:

      Plenty of dark greens, fruits, tree nuts, meat/fish/poltry/eggs and your set.

      PS I couldn’t run half a lap around the track in high school, now about 10 years later i can run for 2 hours straight and ride a road bike for 11.5 hours straight.

      no matter what food groups you think humans should or should not eat, i cannot stress one thing enough: MAKE IT REAL FOOD, ditch any and all things with ingredients that you have no idea what they are.

  5. I think this is the way to go. If you eat cooked meat all your life, then you will have no immunity to the impurities that may breed in raw flesh. Living too sheltered a life makes you more vulnerable to threat, in that respect. To live a truly healthy life: don’t wash your hands…ever, eat all your food (and people) raw, make no exceptions to these rules. You may experience a few major sicknesses, but you will be stronger for the struggle. Oh, also, sharing needles with friends is good.

    • To live healthy – do not wash your hands. Ever. Especially if you are a surgeon or doctor. Your dirty hands will give patients immunity from disease and infection. Don’t bother bathing either. LOL 🙂

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  7. Jack London
    Nam-Bok, The Liar

    “Eat; thou art hungry,” Opee-Kwan commanded, and Nam-Bok shut both his eyes and shoved his fist into the big pot of putrid fish.
    “La, la, be not ashamed. The seal were many this year, and strong men are ever hungry.” And Bask-Wah-Wan sopped a particularly offensive chunk of salmon into the oil and passed it fondly and dripping to her son.
    In despair, when premonitory symptoms warned him that his stomach was not so strong as of old, he filled his pipe and struck up a smoke.

    Yes, fresh meat and fish are sources of vitamins C and D.

  8. Jack London
    Nam-Bok, The Liar

    “Eat; thou art hungry,” Opee-Kwan commanded, and Nam-Bok shut both his eyes and shoved his fist into the big pot of putrid fish.
    “La, la, be not ashamed. The seal were many this year, and strong men are ever hungry.” And Bask-Wah-Wan sopped a particularly offensive chunk of salmon into the oil and passed it fondly and dripping to her son.
    In despair, when premonitory symptoms warned him that his stomach was not so strong as of old, he filled his pipe and struck up a smoke.

    Yes, raw meat and fish are sources of vitamins C and D.

  9. There is an alternative way to attain vitamin C in the tundra regions, besides eating fresh raw meat.

    Even in the tundra, small clovers grow among the lichens during the short summer. When the small clover goes to seed in late Summer, the seeds should be gathered.

    Later, in the dead of winter, the seeds can be sprouted inside a bottle. If the yurt is too cold for the seeds to sprout, then the bottle can be kept inside your parka for a few days.

    The freshly sprouted seeds will multiply the available food quantity up to six times over the unsprouted seed volume. In addition, the young sprouts will contain numerous nutrients that are difficult to obtain outside of the growing season, like Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

    There are ways to survive anywhere on Earth, if you put your mind to it.

  10. Sacola Man
    yeah, most people simply FORGET, what mean to be a HUMAN.
    (they too “civilized” by someone undercover of human cllothes and servants)
    this girl is not forget.
    and cute, yes 🙂

  11. ottomatik
    this not work that way.
    maybe in 5-7 generations[NOT earlier]something changed back in you childrens, DNA.
    but not in you own life.
    not yet.

  12. The first photo is simply amazing.

    As for eating raw meat, in Poland there’s a traditional dish called “tatar” (as in Tatars, the ethnic group) that consists of raw minced meat (with spices, I presume) made into a sort of a cup into which you break a raw egg, sprinkle with parsley (I think) and eat the whole thing.

    While personally I can’t say I enjoy it, there are plenty of people who swear by it, including my dad.

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  15. Hey, i read all of your replies and understood tried to saying.

    Eating raw meat has special period.
    In my country, During first blossom, deers eats most precious medical plants.
    people hunt them, eat its lever and drink some blood mixed with some vodka. First time it’s little bit strange, after ate 10 mins, it taste a lot of sugar in my mouth.
    I never get sick after that for a year.

    eating raw meat is not so weird, so people saying that “uncivilized”. It makes me funny.
    Japanese people eat raw fish and raw meat (horse meat).
    Are they “uncivilized”?
    People know about i they need to eat and when and how.
    Please don’t judge them. Peace.

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  20. In case anyone is wondering, these people are known as the Chukchi. DNA analysis by Spencer Wells and others seem to indicate that these people are likely ancestral to native Americans.

  21. My friend was from Yakutia (North Siberia)–they not only eat raw deers, they especially like to get fresh blood flowing from living deer and drink it. Also, over there they like to eat certain little fishes while they’re still alive.

  22. Raw meat, raw fish, and fish roe (caviar) I can deal with- even the occasional raw egg…. but there is something about raw bird where I must draw a line….

  23. maybe this is okay in that area of russia, but in medcs, food is abundant, and it would be too much to eat everything raw. Thats why you cook it, which breaks down meat to make it easier to digest but yes, it does get rid of some vitamins. I also did not grow up eating blood so I do not like the taste. And I usually like my meat warm, thank you, and not so that I can distinguish all the guts and skin and organs and everything.

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  26. WOW you guys need to not worry so much about this

    Its there way of life and you talking about how disgusting it is, is just ignorance. i mean what would you want to do, take them away from what they know and teach them to be “civilized”

    What do you think our ancestors ate before we had fire?


  27. How did you make this template? I got a blog as well and my template looks kinda bad so people don’t stay on my blog very long :/.

  28. In France we have some raw meat dishes which are very popular : the “steack tartare”, minced beef with a raw egg yolk, and the “carpaccio” (which is actually italian) very thin slices of beef with lemon juice, herbs and olive oil. (and maybe others that I don’t know about)
    but maybe as I’m french I might be qualified “barbaric” too

  29. Before two years I watched BBC documentary about Nomads of Siberian tundra. These people actually have normal homes, apartments, houses, but they bred reindeer because it’s their tradition and because it is very profitably. They eat raw meat periodically when they are outside in tundra in extreme environment, otherwise they eat cooked food. There are many of documentaries about Siberian “tribes”, Nenets, Yamal, Koryak. I am very surprised that there are such inappropriate and ignorant comments, you people are civilized, you have internet, huge amount of knowledge is everywhere around you and you still still writing nonsense.

    • Oh! I saw this documentary too. And I wanted to say exactly the same. Also, these people they are not Russian. The Russian have the territory where these people leave. They have their traditions. My mother had been in Siberia and met them and she sad that us that they are very kindness and good people.


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