April Lenin Prank

April day Lenin blown up prank

Today is April the First, the April’s Fool day, many people are busy doing jokes and pranks on their coleagues and friends.

In Russia this tradition is also recognized and many do funny and sometimes not-so-funny stuff.

Probably, the most loud prank that hit today’s Russia was a prank made by the group of youngsters of St.Petersburg.

They have found somewhere explosives, equaled to 300g TNT, and put it inside the iron steel Lenin monument standing on the city square across the railway station. Then at four o’clock in the morning they blew up the explosives so starting early morning of April, 1st 2009 all coming to St.Petersburg railway station or leaving thru it have seen a new look of Lenin monument, with a hole “in the back” as it was called by Russian media, but if to be honest that’s not back, but some body part that is lower than the back.

April day Lenin blown up prank 2

April day Lenin blown up prank 3

April day Lenin blown up prank 4

April day Lenin blown up prank 5

April day Lenin blown up prank 6

April day Lenin blown up prank 7

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April day Lenin blown up prank 10

April day Lenin blown up prank 11

photo credits: AP, fontantka.ru, Yuri Smirnov, ria-novosti

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  1. When I read this from fontanka.ru this morning I was sure it was a april fools joke, but then in the afternoon I went to the Finland railway station myself and saw that Lenin really had a big hole on his jacket.

  2. Дедушка Ленин заполз на броню,
    Сильно напрягся и крикнул “салют”.
    Долго портные валялись от смеха,
    Давно не видали такого “успеха”

  3. OMG the crisis is in Russia to dire that even Lenin, the great revolutionary leader has to wear a torn coat.

  4. That’s special forces in the last picture, understandable when people blow up parts of public monuments!

    It’s a pretty good prank though. It’s not like the region is running out of Lenin statues.

  5. Too bad they’ll most likely find the guys. I mean there’s no way I’d be able to keep it a secret if I did it =P

  6. I don’t get it, why do Russia still has all those Lenin’s monuments still standing.
    I mean, communism is dead, it didn’t work out, take off the statues and move on. Or maybe put Stalin’s statues back too, Russia already have a strong public opinion that Stalin was “great manager”, then why not?
    You either live with communism or pronounce it dead. All those statues and also streets named after Lenin and Komsomol are just spooky and weird. It feels like Russia is stuck in some kind of half-state between communism and capitalism.

    • The lenin statues and soviet symbols are a part of history.

      Today you could buy CCCP ice cream bars,shirts,watches and other soviet products in russian shops.

      Not many russians liked Stallin,he was a embarrasement to russia.He made the soviet union a superpower by forcing russians to dig canals to connect moscow rivers and thousands of russians died.

      After Stallin’s death his statue was taken down by the canal connecting the Moscow river to the Volga river.

      • Hitler is also a historical person that influenced 20th century. How come there are Hitler statues or swastikas in Germany?

        Lenin killed *more* people than Hitler did.

          • Lenin was the creator of the first communist country and a well respected man.The hammer and sickle is next to the 2 headed eagle and the white blue and red.

            Hitler was a austrian man with jewish blood and many health problems who murdered his own people!

            It was necessary to remove the swastikas in Germany!

          • Ash, there is enough evidence that Lenin set up death camps and signed orders for mass murder. You should really brush up on your history. He was the master-mind and theory writer. Here is a Wikipedia article for you, but you should really read more reliable sources instead:

            Jason, he is only respected by people who do not know history and have this fantasy where Lenin had nothing to do with mass murder.

    • It is weird… and can only be explained by realising that because, throughout history Russian people have been ruled by despots, it is a desire to have “strong” leaders even if they are a bit crazy – like Putin.

      The reason the Lenin staues are still up is because Russians still look up to him even though he was complicit in many brutal decisions.

      It would be hard for Russia to accept that the last 90 years of their history was a mistake. So pride has to allow them a certain “forgetfulness”.

      • I suppose that depends on on what you mean by best….

        Communism may have been “better” than Tsarist Russia for many people – but it doesn’t mean that it was the “best” option for running the country during it’s time. It was an inefficient system that collapsed because it didn’t work. It was held together by crushing dissent, mass murder & by removing basic choices from it’s citizens.

  7. The gerbil finally fought his way out of Lenin’s intestines… BTW, I noticed Lenin is severely cross legged en has a very square and massive build… is that a historical fact ?

    PS – my bowels came to rest today. At last! I ate some toast with goat cheese and killed the goat germs with some homemade vodka. All is quiet on the eastern front now.

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  9. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    have you been playing with your rockets again?

    It is not good for relations with Russia to be blowing up statute of such a great leader. Now bend over while I inflect some discipline on your delicate Persian body!

  10. silenced guns on riot police have for three main reasons:
    1. poor armamend control and weird policy arms policy . even street patrol walked there with [small]assault rifle[5..54×39, AR-15 counterpart], while even in kambodia and detroit – uses ordinary pistols.
    nobody care about citizens, whom police impled to protect.

    2. most “i want this gun”-armaments, grabbed by happy kids from russian policy of any kind is former Army armaments, from special forces, designed.
    3. you even tried to work with weapon LONG ?
    i mean – WORK, not shoot in s gallery or carry it all day.
    noise prevent communication and have impact on endurance.
    4. one of main purpose of riot cops or other branches of policy forces[currently otnumber Army itself, about 3.5x times] is to supress crowds, revots and do it lighspeed and w/o noise, possibly.
    so guy with one of most compact and most AP-capable in that clas, SMG, carry it not for decor. just because nobody enforce arms policy inside Russian policy.

  11. Dan не суйся в те вопросы в которых нихрена не смыслишь!

  12. Вы на западе слишком обчитались лагерного стукача СОЛЖеницина

  13. this is the best prank ever! and if you liked lenin (the worst criminal next to stalin) then it’s too bad for you.

    PS. rotfl at OMOH being homo backwards hahahaha, never realized that.

    SKG RAO.

  15. ALAS!! Lenin is suffering so much disgrace today! His dream was broke down by a bunch of Lunatics and CIA agents.His world today is oppressed by companies.Workers are being sacked mercilessly.And at last people blowing up your statue.I wonder people who say you are tyrant have any sense of history! Being oppressed by Czar there was only one way for poorest ppl of Russia– to revolt! Of course the fast food eating Americans would not understand the value of Revolution! But have they counted how many ppl they killed while fighting with British.When you are into a revolution you have to remove those who are helping the oppressor!It has happened again and again in every freedom struggle.To see the killings of Russian revolution and Hitler in a same light is just a lack of knowledge! Bolsheviks were fighting the very menace of capitalism which gave rise to Hitler! So please guys..get some knowledge! After all,Capitalism has failed..haven’t u realised in this recession that Americans are going back to the system of socialism in a state of emergency?


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