15 thoughts on “Pickles and Lamps”

  1. Excellent idea, they only make them really cheap quality in the first place so you have to keep buying replacements so they make more money.

    • i have a Mitsubishi. I live in New York and haven’t had any problems with lights ever. Something wrong with your weather there. By the way my car is 10 years old and runs and looks like new. You should fix your roads and brains.

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  3. Mitsubishi is Japanese.

    They try to make cars that are perfect for the few years that an average Japanese person would own them before getting a new one. They’re also designed to spend their time sitting in city traffic on well maintained roads.

    By contrast You still see US cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s driving around. Although most of the ‘American’ cars from the 80s on are made in places like Mexico and Brazil and are trash. Ironically, cars like the Toyota Avalon and the Hyundai Sonata are made in the US and rate very good world wide.

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