Russian Honey Drink

Russian drink

For hundreds of years there was a tradition in Russia to make speical drink from honey and hop plant.
It is a low-alcohol drink, that was sometimes mentioned by famous Russian classic authors too.

They say that before the wedding all the members of the family helped to prepare a good stock of this honey drink for the marrying pare. Then during the wedding and 30 days after the married couple had to drink only this beverage – no any other was allowed. So the honeymoon was called in Russia after an actual honey drink.

The recipe itself is easy. First they boild a water in the pan, then add there enough honey, then after sometime some very small quantity of hop plant is being added and then, it’s being take from the fire, put aside to calm down and then the yeast is added. That’s all, after five days they have a true Russian drink that is even stronger just a regular beer.

Russian drink 2

Russian drink 3

Russian drink 4


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  1. It is Medovukha which is an Eastern European form of mead.

    Mead is great, but one problems of mead is the time it takes to produce, versus wines and especially beers. Grain/hop based beers can be produced in a month, wines as quick as three months (although wine is usually aged.)

    Mead on the other hand can ferment up to a couple years, mostly due to the qualities of honey and the yeast interaction with it.

    Anyway, looks good, save a glass for me.

    BTW, Monica Broadhole aka Miss India is a USA paid psy-op hired to mess with any and all Russian culture. (There are many, many employed for such purposes.)

  2. Absolutely, it’s a sub-kind of mead, very common for European Middle Ages, and Kievan Rus. It might be that it’s the oldest alcoholic drink known to the Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.
    Plz pay attention that usually for “Medovukha” production honey from several Ukrainian farms is used:
    Also, in Kievan Rus the word “med” was used rather than “medovukha”

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  4. Yes, the “Mead” explanations are correct. It’s a Honey/yeast brew parallel to beer/piva. In the West the historians trace it back through Rome to Greece. (Though who knows where it really originated. Mesopotamia?) G]

  5. I like your blog a lot. And I made something similar to this (I work in Saudi Arabia) using grape juice (natural) and some sugar and yeast. Five days works. But this sounds better.

  6. your english might be poor, but its better than some of these peoples attitudes. i love your web btw. and I think all these small random posts you have are great<3

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  8. Disputably to assert that it is Russian drink. Has more likely come to us from the countries of the Norwegian peninsula.
    When that tried, quite easy and pleasant drink


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