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    • With a population of well over 1 billion people, India is the second most populous nation in the world. According to UN-HABITAT, India is home to 63% of all slum dwellers in South Asia. This amounts to 170 million people, 17% of the world’s slum dwellers. India’s per capita income, although rising, rank’s it 124th in the world. This low per capita income is one factor that marks the sharp divide between India’s wealthiest and poorest citizens. Approximately 35 percent of India’s 260 million people (a group almost equal to the entire population of the United States) still earns $1 or less a day. And according to the United Nations, 70 million people earn less than $2 a day. As India continues to grow in economic stature, there’s much debate over the country’s ability to tackle poverty and urban homelessness. A 2001 census reported that 78 million people across India were living without a home, many in overcrowded urban environments.

  1. It did kill two… 🙁

    “В результате инцидента погибли годовалая девочка и 20-летняя девушка, и серьезно пострадала молодая женщина – мать погибшего ребенка.”


  2. I sorry for accident – I felt large distraction in trouser as lovely blondinka walking past site. I not pay attention to crane operation and earthward it goess. OOPS!

  3. Yet again this site made me mute for a while. That is ever worse than the worst nightmare, actually like a majority of the Englishrussia content showing bad side of life in Russia.

  4. Twice in the last couple of years, similar cranes have collapsed in NYC, with grand damage to innocent buildings. Just a moment’s inattention is needed. So you Russkis are not alone. But Miss India is. G

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