The Mig Factory

Russian mig jets factory

Russian MIGs are the most famous Russian jets.
They were in production since 1959. They become true legend of Russian aviation and were exported to many countries.
Sometimes they were used to fight against American or French jet fighters like in Vietnam or in Israel.
Mig factory was always top secret place during the Soviet Times. Such photos like we are having here today were impossible to make or publish at that times. But not now.
So this is how Russian legend is being born.

Russian mig jets factory 2

Russian mig jets factory 3

Russian mig jets factory 4

Russian mig jets factory 5

Russian mig jets factory 6

Russian mig jets factory 7

Russian mig jets factory 8

Russian mig jets factory 9

Russian mig jets factory 10

Russian mig jets factory 11

Russian mig jets factory 12

Russian mig jets factory 14

Russian mig jets factory 15

Russian mig jets factory 16

Russian mig jets factory 17

Russian mig jets factory 18

Russian mig jets factory 19

Russian mig jets factory 13

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      • First, nowdays missiles have more important role than planes, if your missile has bigger range, and you have AWACS support the other one is going down.
        Second, if F-16 and MiG-29 would combat in real dogfight, not with 70km range fire and forget misssiles (Where you have to take too much things in account to calculate the winner), F-16 would go down in 70% of the encounters. (I assume that pilots have same level of experience).
        While practicing in Germany (after the fall of the Berlin wall of course), 29 achieved lock on much much easier than F16.

        Americans (NATO) just get used to attack countries who have few MiG-29s with six or seven hundred fourth generation fighters (F16 included)with AWACS support and then, when they shut down 29, they brag like they shut down SU-47 in the heart of Russia.

        • What you say about the Mig 29 has much merit. It is an incredible maneuverable aircraft with an immense weapon capability, however, It would be foolish to assume that pilots have equal ability, experience and training. Russia has produced incredible war machines since the great patriotic war (the Su-35 Platypus being my personal favorite) that are reliable and soldier proof but it seems that when their machines are put against the opposing Western fighters in the numerous wars and skirmishes since the introduction of the mass produced jet aircraft they have not done as well as may have been desired. I don’t think this is the machine’s fault but that of the pilots and commanders of them. In general pilots of these nations have not had the extensive (expensive) training that those in Western aircraft users have gone through. This makes a huge difference in dog fights and other encounters. My evidence for this is the skirmish in Vietnam where the United States, depending on one’s source, shot down Migs at a rate of roughly 11 to 1. Other evidence can be drawn from the many conflicts between the Arabs and Israelis where the Western supplied Israelis completely dominated the Russian equipped Arabs. Another would be the more recent problem in Iraq. Again I do not fault the aircraft for their defeat rather the lack of training for their crews and commanders and the tactics used. It would be interesting to see a match-up of the opposing aircraft where the pilots and commanders have had equal experience and training.

          • you are correct, the russians have developed the machinery but they have not put nearly as much money into the infrastructure of warfare.I.e. training, schooling, practice, (real warfare and inhouse )
            that is why u.s. and u.s. backed militaries in the world usually win on the high tech side; of course this comes at a price i.e. the u.s. military budget is bigger than the rest of the whole world put together!!!!!

          • well i don’t know much about comparision of fighter aircrafts, but during a air combat exercise here in desert of india some 1 year ago, indian air craft pilots outperformed american f16 and f18 with their sukhois (not sukhois MK), and this was published in leading newspaper in front page, even a american pilot was quoted saying this and american airforce asked for a reoport from their pilots on their poor performance against indian pilots on Sukhoi fighter jets.

      • Dummy, have you seen F22 conopy being cut down in VA by
        firefighters in VA a year ago when pitot has been trapped in the plane. Lockheed answer was: call firefighters.
        Conopy cost ca. $200k. I’ve seen pics at abovetopsecret.
        firefighters cutting conopy with the saw.

      • i wouldn’t bet money on the f teens let alone the F22 it isn’t even combat ready

        greetings from europe down with the Victorian imperialism!

      • F teens are a joke and are getting obsolete!
        even european jets laugh with every f teen you would throw against us.
        F 22 is a clown, it isn’t even ready for combat, let alone it’s big turning circle 4 times wider than the F 16.
        F35 yeah a flop,

        the Mig on Picture 16 is an Italo-russian design for flight practise it can simulate varios F teens as well as Migs and eurofighters with a special flight computer program controlling flaps and rudders.

        A big mouth that’s all you have and lot’s of poisonous weapons enemy to this world.

    • Yeah, MiG-3 fighters participated in WWII, so the company was obviously started earlier. And the plane in the pictures is a MiG-29, and those haven’t been around since 1959, either.

  1. wrong.
    MiG started even Before WWII.

    and not: this not last, and not even rel recent model(but photo fresh)
    they improme its in wrong direction:competing with Su entercaptors badly hurt Mig ligh planes capability as frontline fighter.
    just imagine, suddenly, F35 creators, decide to “upgrade” it to F22 capablilty level. dumb and pointless.

    better finism 31BM fine, which is more fullfil this gap.
    especially with modern, 400km-range, missiles and new generations of guided and unguided Air-Go-Ground weaponry.

  2. These photos bring back fond memories of when my good friend Putin gave me a tour of this facility to impress upon me the high level of scientific research and exceptional engineering used to produce Russian weapons.

    However, I was distracted by the four women you see in the third photo. They are, from left to right, Sofia, Natasha, Svetlana, and Irina. In the photo you see their usual method of production, which consists of Irina and Svetlana doing the work, under the supervision of Natasha, and watched by Sofia, who doesn’t have any technical or scientific training, but spends a lot of time in the factory manager’s office with the door locked in order to secure her job.

    Each of the ladies were excited when Putin entered the factory – Irina and Svetlana for patriotic reasons—proud that Putin was re-arming Russia, Natasha for career advancement purposes—hoping Putin would be impressed by her managerial skill and send her to Sochi to help oversee Olympic Games preparation, and Sofia for reasons best understood when one looks at the photos of Putin while on vacation last summer, posing for the people on horseback without his shirt, his bare, muscular chest daring the western world to attack his beloved Motherland, and causing the birth rate in Russia to skyrocket over the next 10-12 months.

    But then I entered the factory, and pandemonium broke loose. It was like a concert by Elvis, Michael Jackson (who dances much like me), or Englebert Humperdink. I thought I was going to have to jump inside one of the completed jets to escape from the clutches of the women! I knew Russian women were attracted to Persian men, but their lusty passion led them to claw at my clothing like an eagle snatching a fish from the water, and they pecked at me with their lips like mad chickens chasing bugs across the ground.

      • Thank you, my friend. Your comments are very refreshing.

        Usually I have much more trouble getting “confessions” from people. 😉

    • Hello my dear running mate Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, These comments that you have made regarding the Russian MiG factory are precisely the types of comments which will cost you your seat in the elections. I am looking forward to seeing your defeated face in the upcoming elections. As you may have already noticed I have launched an extensive televised and highly publicized smear campaign against you. Thanks again for providing me with more dirt, saves me from having to do the digging.

  3. Well done pics! is the reason for what am keep coming to this site.

    Am a little curious, some pics depict the MiG-29 while others MiG-AT, but one apparently is the airframe of a Yak-141 (4th from bottom to top).
    What is doing there?!

    • The pilots said that the MIGs were good aircraft, but “like tractors, in handling – compared with American planes; also only able to engage targets within about 5 miles because of their design” <- soviet doctrine was that air combat was to be directed from the ground radar only, hence such design.
      In short, I think Mig-29’s are cool looking, but inadequate garbage compared to F-14s/F-15s/F-16s.

      • Not sure about East Germans, but seems like most Central European post-communist states didn’t like MiG-29 too much. Poland got a deal for F16, Czech Republic and Hungary quickly switched to Gripens. Slovakia is still having some old MiGs though… According to Czech pilots, the difference between JAS-39 Gripen and MiG29 is huge. They praise Gripens for lower fuel consumption and bigger range, easier maintenance, vastly better ergonomics, advanced electronics and much more. The Russian military helicopters (Mi-17, Mi-35) is quite different story, they are much more liked around here – They are cheap, durable, easy to repair and they do their job fine. AFAIK none of the four countries is going to replace them by another type.

        Don’t want to argue with anybody, just my 5 cents.

  4. Spooker, I noticed that too. My guess is that they are Mig-31 fuselages. I didn’t realize Mig-31s were still in production. If that is the case, then for who and what for?

  5. Israel had wiped off hundreds of those migs in few hours during the six days war

    (after all, it was hold by Arabs…..)


    • Hezbulla had wiped off hundreds of Merkava in few days during the 2006 war. 700 vs 35000 jewish braves.

      (after all, it was hold by jewish…..)


      • As an American, I can verify this. Israel is just a puny country the size of Tennessee, they derive their entire existance from the benevolence of American taxpayers like us. It hasn’t worked out so well though, it seems we’ve helped create a nation of petty and childish jingoists obsessed with causing others pain and then mocking their pain. The party won’t last forever though, maybe another 20 years and they’ll be done as a nation, LOL.

      • It seems that neither can Hezbollah sustain itself without the financing and weapons supplied by Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  6. Ted from Ohio:
    you wrong.
    latest 29’s defeat md f-15, and F16&F35 counterpart.
    F22 ? another matter. in this class and type – Su-37 comes to play and leave almost not chane to Raptor.

    of course, with well trained pilot.

  7. You’d think they would have installed decent lighting to a factory as important as this..

    That’s communism and lack of workspace regulations for ya!

  8. 1959? I believe that’s wrong, for what I know the MiG started even before WWII, with the MiG-3 already in service by the time Germany invaded the USSR…

    And it was actually during the war in Korea that MiG jets saw combat for the first time with the MiG-15 (A freacking awesome aircraft), being the the most advanced fighter aircraft in the conflict at the time of its introduction (though some American with a F-80 still managed the first jet to jet kill in history), and it remained superior in many aspects even after the famed F-86 (Some other really danmed nice aircraft too) entered the conflict, and while Chinesse and North Korean pilots didn’t had good enough training to match American pilots on their Sabres (Which is why the kill ratio favours the Sabre), the top aces of the war, and this is a fact, were Russian pilots posing as North Korean pilots, a single squadron of them raised an impressive kill reccord, proving that the MiG-15 was as good as the Sabre in the hands of a competent pilot, but anyway, but Soviet and Western efforts on aircraft building at the time were amazing :).

    Nice pictures too :).

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  10. Israel destroyed 85% percent of the aircrafts ON THE GROUND, in the dawn of the 5. June 1967, in the pre emptive air strike. Egyptians were so damn genius not to turn on their radars and pay more antention to air defense before official declaration of war from their side. Only I can say is that Arabs are not made for modern warfare.

    Also one year before the six day war, one of the Iraqi pilots defected to Israel with MiG-21F-13 compromising the tech to Israelis.


  11. Factory? No… looks more like these MiG’s are being refurbished, almost all parts look used: see pic #5, #6, #9 and especially #12. The only new part is in pic#4… They are however doing a very good job, replacing even all the rivets, see pic#18. At least good to see some people caring for these great aircraft!

  12. I love thrust vector one can match his cobra maneuvers.Soviet Russian planes are the best in the world.Rough tough and Enough! ! !.



  14. The mig-29 was a superior plane in many ways to the f-16 early models like the a&b.

    The f-16c and d models are in current use and much better in many ways then the early f-16 I flew.

    Lets be honest – ok? The Russians built and still do a damn good plane!! The real sad things was their inabiltity to produce parts to keep them all in “air-worthy” status much of the time and lack of pilot experiance in flight hour training.

    • Now that is a reasonable (and informed) opinion.

      My uncle says the F-16’s are prima donnas while the MIG’s can be stored in a wood shed and flown off a country road =)

      I believe “Russian_NYC” has good reasons for criticizing his own people (if he is indeed Russian) but he goes overboard most of the time.

        • Very good!!!
          Exactly how I feel when I read most of your posts!!!
          Tell us – do you really have any Russian blood running through your veins?? Inquiring minds want to know…..
          My wife Tatyana says too many Russians in New York!!!!
          Maybe we rename it Moscow on the Hudson???

      • Your uncle is half correct!!
        The pilots of f-16’s are primma dionnas too with most having egos larger then their manhoods!!
        Talk to a pilot of a A-10 and you can see a great difference!! Never flew one but always dreamed of it! Actually one of my best friends flew one during gulf war 1. Now, he is a stock broker in New York – not sure that career move worked out for the best!!!

        • ha! =)

          Well, you definitely seem to have humility!!

          Heck, I’ve only “flown” those things on my computer =)

          BTW Have you played anything on the computer that even remotely resembles real F16 flight, or any other plane you’ve tried?

          I’m a software developer, I wish I could tell my co-workers that I’ve done something exciting in my life like fly military jets.

        • Now you are talking…the A-10 is a pilot’s aircraft!! I don’t know of any military jet as maneuverable on the hard deck below 5k ft. When I was in ROTC I had the opportunity to speak with two A-10 pilots(after watching attack demonstrations which they participated)and they could not praise this aircraft enough. I was very tempted to leave rotor wing training in order to pilot this aircraft. It may not be a beautiful aircraft but it is a phenomenal performer for it’s designed role on the battlefield.

  15. We should do tea.

    Some much nicer to get along! he he

    I do MS world; MSSQL and .NET, though I’ve done most of the other enterprise stuff as well.

    MS is the best! (let’s start another war he he)

    Right now I’m working on an Linux board Mono project. Fun!

    • So, Canada… Always wanted to visit. My ex g/f was Ukrainian and she has family in a Ukrainian catholic community in Canada.
      You know that commentator broad Ann Coulter? She was once shouting that Canada and Mexico don’t even need militaries, since no one would dare come near this continent because of U.S. military =))

      • I’m in Vancouver, gang capital of the country. Other than that, quite nice.

        A lot of old school Ukes on the Prairies.

        Yup, definitely aware of Coulter; sometimes I love her, sometimes I hate her. I definitely don’t think Canada needs a massive military. A strong Navy, but not military. It’s only used for foreign adventures tagging along with the US.

      • OK, so the reason you have hallucinations about fighting space-pirates in an F-16 – is because your brain is still messed up after the car accident? I feel for you, man.

        Don’t drink and drive, people!
        Just read any of Viperman’s posts – that’ll sober you up!

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  18. Я живу в России. И в прошлом году в одном из наших городов проходило международное соревнование по высшему пилотажу. И как вы думаете, что занял первое место?? 🙂 Российские летчики! На втором месте был Китай, а на третьем Украина.:)Некоторые фигуры высшего пилотажа, такие как – кобра или поворот на “колоколе” выполняли только Российские летчики на Российских самолетах 🙂

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  20. total BS, mig is dead, eaten by sukhoi for years already. That what happened when you can only produce jet with 2500 flying hours in it (compare to 4000 of f-16) with a famously smoky engine, short leg, and non-existence quality control. RIP!

  21. I really enjoy reading English Russia » The Mig Factory . It’s very interesting. Hope you will post something like this again.

  22. Absolutely incredible pictures and I bet these wouldn’t have been in the public domain 20 years ago!! Russian aircraft would be such fun to fly… Relatively low tech (well, the older ones anyway) hand’s on flying, like sitting on two massive engines and throttling off at 1,500mph!

  23. You guys are funny. It seems that this debate is several months old. Maybe you should get together at a coffee house in NYC and call it a day. By the way, the Russians that I know are very cool…arrogant as hell, but cool! Anywho, The Soviet era produced some of the greatest boasting by Soviet politicians that there has ever been. The boasting is all lies, as a military conflict between the Americans and the Russians would not go well for either side. Also, has anyone read the BS in Pravda or RIA Novosti, the Ruskis say they have a new ICBM that is impervious to everything American or NATO. Come on, building a good weapon is one thing, lying to the world is another. Also, when will the Russians quit being paranoid and stop thinking that the world is out to get them. Most Americans would love to love the Russians. This whole Cold War²is getting old. Let it go!

    • Russians are not paranoid, if you study american hystory you would act the same as russians do

      You are the ones and only ones to have used atomic weapons
      you are the only ones to have used moere than 80 million! litres of cancerougenous poison upon civilians
      Greetings from europe

  24. I’d like to start a pool on how long it’s going to be before the super rich start chartering fighter planes for travel due to the ‘constant’ threat of terrorist attack, as a matter of fact I can’t believe ol John Travolta hasn’t gor himself something a little quicker/deadlier than the commercial lumps he flies for quantas…

  25. Mig should let go of the mig-29 series and star designing something new something not a derivative of the 29 like the 35. Maybe a 5th gen plane but a multi-role pak-fa?


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