World’s Dirtiest Appartment

Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow

There were some photos of dirty appartments on Internet lately. But this one for sure will beat them all. That was for sure the dirtiest appartment in the world ever.

According to the original Russian story behind those pics, there was an old man living in this flat. He had a weird passion to collect different garbage whenever he traveled and bring it home.

So as time passed, he got as much garbage that he had to clean up his way thru the flat when he wanted to go from one room to another or to the entrance door.

And then one day the pipe was broke, and he had to call the plumbers. When the plumbers arrived (on photos) they were shocked. They had to waste hours to take just a part of the garbage out so that to enter the flat with their equipment and the garbage from the flat occupied all the loby and area behind the lobby.

Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow 2

Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow 3

Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow 4

Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow 5

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  1. There was an old man in England who did this. A whole house full of it. Council evicted him and he died not long afterwards,

    • Actually think this is more likely to happen in “the civilised” western world where things like taking care of elderly are not usually first things to handle.

  2. Actually think this is more likely to happen in “the civilised” western world where things like taking care of elderly are not usually first things to take care of.

    • Scott and Finik are right this happens in Australia too. That’s why I am so glad Mahommud is coming to Australia to keep me in line as a wife. I will now have a big strong man to put out my garbage.

      • Dearest Angella,

        I am happy to know you anxiously await my arrival, as I will be glad to be there. And yes, it’s true, sometimes embarrassingly so, that I am big and strong.

        However, about me taking out the garbage . . . my dear, domestic chores are for women, not for the man of the house. Please don’t say such things in front of our friends again, as they will hear you and think that you are telling me what to do, and you know that as a Muslim man I cannot allow that. In order for me to save face, I may have to slap yours, and I don’t want to do that because it would shatter my heart even as I did it. I would much rather be slapping your lovely tush.

        I can’t believe it – our first domestic fight. Don’t worry, my dear, I’m sure we can work this out. Maybe we can hire a servant – someone who will be used to living under Muslim dominion, such as an immigrant from London.

        Yours in domestic bliss,
        M. Ahmadinejad

  3. Hoarding is a psychological disorder characterized by an inability to throw away any items. In some cases it may be characterized by an individual who continually purchases or acquires new possessions even when they are not needed. There are also individuals who are obsessed with one particular type of item, and become obsessed with compiling as many things as possible. For example an individual may feel the need to find as many toasters as possible. This is not someone who collects different styles of toasters, but someone who constantly feels the need to find as many toasters as possible regardless of whether or not they actually work.

    • Dear Miss Fact,

      Thank you for that analysis. I empathize with the old man, and even with the theoretical toaster-taker, because I also struggle with a strong desire to hoard certain things, especially if they are long, cylindrical, with powerful propellant at the base and big explosive tips.

      Maybe you can help me understand this. Maybe it would save the world from this battle the Western politicians refer to as Armageddon. I only want these long, hard, power-thrusting objects with tips that explode for myself, but my enemies insist I plan to use them for violence.

      Can you help me understand my need?

      Awaiting your analysis,
      M. Ahmadinejad
      Collector of thrusting, penetrating, explosive objects.

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  6. This is called “Diogenes syndrome”, here in Chile we have had a few cases too, only old people are affected by this strange disease and it’s associated to fear of indigency and poverty.

    see ya

  7. I have an interesting and similar story if you care to read.
    About 8 years ago here in Denver,USA the old lady who lived in the house behind mine had passed away. She had no family, so a bunch of us neighbors got together to help pack her stuff to be given away to charity.

    What we didn’t know was that inside, her ENTIRE house was filled with garbage.I’m talking floor to ceiling.That little Russian apt. was nothing compared to what I saw.
    Every room was filled with everything you can imagine.
    Old lamps,bicycle parts,plastic toys,trash,piles of newspapers,old shoes,broken electronics of every kind,dishes,cups,chicken bones etc… you get the idea.

    She had actually made tunnels through the trash to get around.She also had five or six cats to add to the mess.
    I’d always seen her poking around the garbage dumpsters in the alleys but never thought much of it.

    It gets better. Her deceased husband had been a chemistry professor. In the attic we found a whole chem. laboratory full of uncovered beakers of sulfuric acid, cyanide,magnesium,mercury etc.
    Eventually the EPA was called in and the house was condemned.
    One of the craziest things I ever saw.

  8. I feel very sorry for this man. Somebody.., please help him. Something very wrong with his attitude. He just need some help.

  9. Wow, what a very weird man. Who wants to live in a house full of garbage? I assume he will develop some type of disease very soon.


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