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    • OMG Russians have the world’s highest rate of car accident despite the fact that US has 50 times more cars than Russia. sad isnt it 🙁

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  2. In russia the driver comes first and the pedestrian comes second!

    If you cross the street in a cross walk the cars have the right of way,not you!

    I was honked at several times in Ekaterinburg Russia just because I was walking on the street,I was not close to the car passing me.

    Most cars in Russia have 4 doors.I saw only 1 small bed truck and it was a 4 door.

    I did see a 05 mustang and a honda civic with 2 doors.

  3. It is tagged ‘Ukraine’ by the admin.

    we in А́страхань, Russia are exporting these obsolete, used cars to 3rd world countries like Ukraine and Austria so they can have fun too. Too bad there is only about 2500 km of paved road over there

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