Dare the Train

Russian girl is having fun

Russian teens have now new fun. They dare trains.
This is needed to be done fast, because if one is appearing before the train too long before and machinist could see him and start breaking, so they run on the rails just before the train so he couldn’t start breaking and fell down on the rails, then the train moves above the person at his maximum speed, just a few inches from his head and back.
Russian teen girls seem to go for this too.

Russian girl is having fun 2

Russian girl is having fun 3

Russian girl is having fun 4

Russian girl is having fun 5

Russian girl is having fun 6

Russian girl is having fun 7

Russian girl is having fun 8

Russian girl is having fun 9

Russian girl is having fun 10

Russian girl is having fun 11

Russian girl is having fun 12

91 thoughts on “Dare the Train”

    • OMG Russians dont care if their life is at risk or not simply because its not worth living in 3rd world and crumbling poor Russia 🙁

  1. Evolution didn;t happen. In Russia is the exception to the theory of evolution, russia and it’s people is the paralelle universe where evolution seased to exist once russia created itself, by itself within itself. Russia also created darwin.

  2. Obviously there’s room for a person beneath a train … until you try to lie underneath a train that’s dragging a brake hose or an electrical cable or strapping, or, well, anything.

  3. OMG this looks very interesting! I will tell my father to try this in India. In Finland we are still living in the 18th century and unfortunately do not have a developed train system yet.

    • yes we are the strong ones!
      We spread the glory of Russian entrepeneurs in the world!

      Every year many people [equal to the population of San Fransisco] leave our great country to mingle with the ignorant western society!! Ready to wreak havoc when asked to do so!!

      Also the strong survive only!!! The rest dies at or before age 55 !! we are the best!! we will set the standards!


    • It’s hilarious how ironic your comment sounds, because it’s ironic for completely opposite the reason you were going for.

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  19. I have look on your film on youtube
    Think on how engine driver of this train feel.
    My self drive tram and a tram have a (A TRAM HAVE A BOARD NEAR THE GROUND ) ( SO DONT THINK DOIT SAME WITH A TRAM )

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  21. Good for you. I hope that makes you feel better about yourself, and that you get over your confidence issues soon. ^_^

    • Come on Ronnie, step out of your trailer, over your melon patch and have the balls to argue with someone articulate for a change. Hu-nyuk hu-nyuk hu-nyuk.

    • Have you got a passport Ronnie? Your fear and ignorance of other cultures suggests that, in common with 80% of your countrymen, you do not.

    • I’m sorry, but “I’m from UK and we think you SUCK!”? Can you get any LESS mature and reasonable? That’s schoolyard bully behavior, man. You and you’re opinions are getting no respect from me unless you show me respect in stating them. Y’know, “do unto others” and all that.

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  23. Friends we is the New Global Generation.New Generation or Global Generation.New Computer Generation.

  24. Anyone know Bertolucci’s Movie “1900” ? … the kids do the same thing in that movie, in Italy, in the 1900s, and Bertolucci probably didn’t come up with that alone.

    But in Bertolucci’s movie they do it face up… not face down 😉

  25. And you put these news in the category Fun !!!
    I don’t taste this Fun and I find you criminal to give audience at these foolish behaviours…
    Don’t you have any (journalist or thinking human being) consciousness ?

  26. Not a new concept. My grandfather used to tell me that he and his buddies used to do that back in Glasgow in the 1920’s. Only thing was in those days they had steam engines that dumped excess hot water and steam down towards the tracks. He said kids would get burned all the time.

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    moja u4itelnica po literature( teper ej dolzno bit okolo 50 let) rasskazivala pro takije razvle4enija v godi ee molodosti. neuveren 4to eto o4en glupo ili umno, no bodrosti dlozno pribavliat.).)

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  30. my mom had a friend that did that, but one time, the train was longer than he thought, and the suction pulled him up, and turned him sideways. they had to literally find most of his body parts.

  31. don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, the adrenalin rush is incredible and you don’t have to get up on a high bridge with an elastic tied around your ankles, or jump off a cliff with a glorified hankerchief

  32. don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The adrenalin rush is a buzz and you don’t have to climb up on a high bridge with an elastic tied around your ankles or jump off a cliff with a big coloured hankerchief. Different strokes for different folks. Come alive and feel the fear !!

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  37. Haha, this is exactly why I love americans, what a great source of humour they are for us all! Excellent insightful comments. Of course how could we forget that America defeated Nazism single handedly. We owe you so much, thanks for watered down culture, global economic crisis, and of couse the war against terror, islam, iraq, afghanistan etc…
    Pol Pot= reeducation camps
    Stalin= Gulag
    Hitler= concentration camps
    Bush= Guantanamo!

  38. Why use 20 words to describe when you can use 80? A picture speaks 1,000 words. Let it!

    Geez!: “This is needed for to be done in a fast way, it is because if one who is appearing before the train too long before and then if machinist could earlier see him and start the breaking, so it is then that they run on the rails just before the train comes along so he couldn’t start breaking…”

  39. Yeah in Sweden we have those riding the outside of subway trains. Kids are kids, they’re all immortals.

    But they die, just as us all 🙂
    Not that it is a sane thing to do, as you said, it’s enough with something hanging under it to split her in the middle, and then it’s not that cool any more.

    Heard about a guy falling under the wheels of a loaded concrete truck. The driver didn’t even recognize the mess left as a human, he thought it was a dog.

  40. I love the articles, videos, and humor on these pages, but there is always someone bashing another filling an acre of the bottom of the pages. I am American, you are Brit, or Russian, or …. When will all of you grow up? My family has come from all over the world and that is where I am from. Whoever it was (and I really don’t care who) that said America has a phobia, is ignorant, and/or arrogant is pretty self-absorbed. Making that statement puts you in the same basket – fear of America – or phobia of … grow up. And as for Obama – like he has done anything for our country – or any other for that matter – worry about your own politics. If we are so weak, then we will be taken over by some other power – but since that is more likely to happen to you, I am not too worried. WTF has any other country done to even address radical Islam and other groups that have no other purpose than to destroy another’s freedoms to express their RELIGION. So you stand there on the sidelines and armchair quarterback while we at least address the issue and turn words into actions. And to minimize Americas losses in defending ALL other countries is appalling. Our country has given countless lives in the defense of others – you can’t discount that. Not without denying the facts. – but I really want one of those land rovers from the UK with the drivers wheel on the right-hand side. . . and one of those hot Russian girls. . . .

  41. It is not that dangerous to these guys themselves, it was even part of military training in 1930-s, but breach of railroad operation is a crime.

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  43. She’s at least young and fit – I’ve seen an arthritic granny on one knee feeding stray dogs between the rails of a main line out of Beloruss station in Moscow! But then, compared to trying to cross the street there…


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