Russian Women on the Edge [30 photos]

Russian woman 2

Photos of different Russian women in totally different situations having one in common – in all those situations they are about on the edge to another strong emotion to come.

The one above is “Everyday routine – that what is killing the strongest feelings”

More below:

Russian woman
“Women after the protest action”.

Russian woman 1

“Ukrainian prime minister in parliament”

Russian woman 3

“At Protest action”

Russian woman 4

“On dentists chair”

Russian woman 5

“Children crying near Isaac cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia”

Russian woman 6

“The concrete argument”

Russian woman 7

“Rope-jumping together”

Russian woman 8

“Granny, veteran, awarded with medals during the World War 2 finds her way thru winter St. Petersburg”

Russian woman 9

“At rock concert in on of Moscow clubs”

Russian woman 10

“Madame Hysterics”

Russian woman 11

“No name”

Russian woman 12

“Old Russian Woman”

Russian woman 13

“Principal of Russian countryside school”

Russian woman 14

“Women and the fire”

Russian woman 15

“About Russian women”

Russian woman 16

“About how small kids could irritate you, when they are not yours”

Russian woman 17

“Ukraine, Lvov, ‘Casanova’ club”

Russian woman 18

“Five minutes to departure”

Russian woman 19

“89 years old, partially paralized, the bed and the radio, gifts for holidays”

Russian woman 20

Russian woman 22

“Woman promises big troubles to the seller when she found out at home the underweight in purchase”

Russian woman 23

“Before XXXXX, sorry before party”

Russian woman 24

“Old woman during street disorders”

Russian woman 25

“Preparing to school: selling old schoolbooks so that to buy new”

Russian woman 26

“One hour before”

Russian woman 27

“Mother sends his son, the special forces soldier, to Chechnya”

Russian woman 28

“Twillights, Christmass eve, the soul sounds the same”

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42 thoughts on “Russian Women on the Edge [30 photos]”

  1. Some great pics, love the hot Russian bird drinking tea, enclosed in the reflection of the babushka. Absolutely perfect, life in one picture.

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  3. I really liked the one before the last photo, “Mother sends son to Chechnya”. The way she’s holding the gun reminded me of the time in my childhood when my brother finished his violin classes and my mom held his violin while he was putting on the coat.

    • hiiiiiiiiiiiii I have your writing in russian english can >>>>>>>>>>>>>your writing veru very nice can having freind…………….thanks

  4. Did you also drink up rest of the five bottles and now laying unconscious on the coach – on the edge of having a sweeping-brush in your head?

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  6. OMG the reality of life in Russia is soo depressing. Why dont they give some of their gas revenue to those poor suffering Russians? ๐Ÿ™

    • The same reason why they don’t give more to the poor or the homeless in America or anywhere else for that matter.

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  8. My heartfelt thanks to the website owners. You have done so much to break down the barriers of language and politics. Every visit I make here hammers home the bedrock fact of our common humanity.
    Thank you very much.





  10. I am always intrigued by photojournalist talents to capture an instant of reality almost by instinct. Their story telling abilities are truly surprising, but I do wonder how much thought goes into selecting and captioning the photographs in post-production.

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  12. If you are on anassignment to degrade & condemn a nation / race / people etc., it is not diffuclt at all to find more devastating scenes in any country, Russia or any place in Europe oor USA. I have seen Russia, lived in Russia and know the truth much better than those who indulge in such propaganda. I thought they would stop after finishing USSR off but was surprised to see such things being continued even today. I have visited and lived in many parts of both Western & Eastern Europe and still would have vouched for a life in Moscow of USSR. And mind it, I am an anti Communist though!

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  14. Exceptional site, where did you come up with the info in this write-up? Im happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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