11 thoughts on “Baby Big Foot”

  1. OMG Russians are so poor, they have to use parts from broken cars to make kind of car… They can’t afford normal car like we have in the West. People in the West all drive Lamborghini and Jaguar 🙁

    • Might want to have a look at contemporary Jaguar

      More than twenty years Ford’s ownership of Jaguar actually helped quite a lot in advancing vehicle quality that suffered in those rough BL-times of Jaguar. XJ-12 Series III from around 1987 onwards were good automobiles again. Beaters with bad servicing make for an expensive hobby with these great cars, but that’s another story.

  2. alot of people, built similar things[or weird bikes, planes, boats and etc, EVERYTHING !!]in US, EU and Asia.
    so “normal” is not a point for them and for rest, except poor Monica from Russia, maybe.

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  4. Such a sexy car! I like the woman who drives it.

    Maybe she could take me for a drive in the forest on the outskirts of Moscow, where we could make a picnic and lie on a blanket and watch the sun rays bounce off the pretty pink paint, and celebrate nature by giving each other a natural massage, and listen to the sound of birds whistling and warbling in admiration of my manhood.

  5. Wow! A ZAZ Zaporozhetz 965!! Not loving the pink, but I dig the car. I would love to own one in unmodified form just for the sheer WTF? factor driving it in the US.

  6. Oh dear look how dumb russians are they left stolen LandCruiser sitting on tires next to pink car for foto. I the west we would call this evidence and mechanic would goto jail.

    p.s. Zebras dont have rhino horns


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