The Sins Monument

Russian monument with children and sin

This monument in Moscow city depicts the children (standing in the middle) surrounded by filthy grown ups – each grown up has its own flaw or sin, one of the most common sins of the modern society, together they like stand around the innocent children that have nowhere to go – going to either side would lead to some kind of attachment.

Russian monument with children and sin 1


Russian monument with children and sin 2

“Drug abuse”

Russian monument with children and sin 3


Russian monument with children and sin 4

Russian monument with children and sin 5

Russian monument with children and sin 6

Russian monument with children and sin 7

“Alcohol abuse”

Russian monument with children and sin 8

Russian monument with children and sin 9


Russian monument with children and sin 10

Russian monument with children and sin 11

Russian monument with children and sin 12

“False knowledge about the world around”

Russian monument with children and sin 13


Russian monument with children and sin 14

Russian monument with children and sin 15

Russian monument with children and sin 17

“Violence propaganda”

Russian monument with children and sin 16


Russian monument with children and sin 18

“For those who have short memory”

Russian monument with children and sin 19

“Child labor abuse”

Russian monument with children and sin 20

Russian monument with children and sin 21


Russian monument with children and sin 22

Russian monument with children and sin 24

Children are made of something resembling gold in the beginning and their eyes are tied up, and there is nobody in the whole world who could teach them right because everyone has some of those flaws, thus cannot teach how to avoid all.


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    • not really, these can be seing from many points of view, it can teach children and adults for bad things of society, and especially for us, the adults because we have more hability to… decode(?) the meaning of it, when we get our childrens we will remember theses sculptures and educate them in a way where they can learn what is good and bad in life, we all must remember that a child is like an empty blackboard, so we all must guide them to the good way and teach them, look that these children are blindfolded. what would you feel if it literally happens in real life? you are grow up and can see the danger, childs are blindfolded, unless you are one of those monsters you would like to help these kids because they need it; simbolically it happens in real life, and many people are indiferent to what happens to the other, I think that´s why indiference is in a pedestal.

      What I mean is that this sculpture is made to wake up conciusness on people (in very short words)

  1. Very interesting and impressive, but I do not get the meaning of the “False knowledge about the world around” and suspect that something was lost in translation. I think the statue is an alchemist, judging from the attributes…?
    Can somebody decipher the original caption under the statue, pls?

  2. Wow.
    That is very impressive!
    teach the kids young about these things is a great idea!
    You did that in a western country the parents would sue the state!

  3. ye, especially like to teach children not to tolerate “poverty and indifference”. such douchebags don´t deserve to live!

  4. This could work for girls until they grow up!

    Then after many years of being alone because of abuse from their russian husbands,they will seek a western man for many nights of sex and passion!

    • Not all russian men are abusive,my husband never hit me or yelled at me.

      I had friends with scars on their arms when I lived in Moscow.

      It has been said that russian’s have the darkest souls!

      • I was not reffering to all russian men Jerika.

        My russian wife Tatiana has a scar on her arm from when her ex burned a cigarette into it when he was drunk from vodka.

        I learn something new every day about russia,I like the country but I can hate it too!

      • to be great you have to be either have a pure soul, or a completely dark one. It’s like the saying “bad publicity is good publicity”

        • In Russia women still have this basic idea that ‘men are strong’, but this doesn’t last long, as men are lagging behind when real life starts to happen.
          The real strong ones in Russia are the women, when you talk to them, they make sense and are in general nice and charming. The men, quite often are distrusting, envious, and when drunk [quite often] they unleash all this frustration in violence, only to sit sulking and crying afterwards… that is why the average age for men in russia is only 55, just like in dark Africa…

          That’s one of the reasons why Russian girls turn to the west, where they are treated with respect and men are in general more reliable and less drunk.

          • Yes,you are right! All men in Russia absolutely drunk,including kids,elderly,cats and dogs.But in America everybody is sober…but do not tell anybody.. all Americans are on drugs,including kids,elderly ,cats and dogs.

      • Hello!I`m reading your posts and just thinking how dark American souls are.You do not know about Russia anything,except what you watching on western tv and listening on radio.When i was in us, one man,who finished 2 universities asked me… do you have bears on a streets of Moscow,do you have tv`s at home?Is it always a winter in Russia? I said..yes,I saw couple of them near my home and I saw tv set in America only.He was very satisfied,that he knows about Russia a lot.I use to live in US for years,but I always was in shock,that American people so far from reality,from truth about other people and countries.Americans live in their own shell.May be it make sense to start to look around?It`s a 21st century outside.
        P.S.Who told you that Russians men are abusive?One more myth?By the way no bears in Russians cities,and tv inventor is Russian man,just read more books.

  5. Блин, ты б уже подписывал фотографии или снизу, или сверху, а не вперемежку. А то фигня какая-то выходит.

  6. I live in Florida, i see enough ignorance from americans for it to become a stereotype.

    Just like every culture and race has stereotypes, don’t get mad when one of them relates to YOUR culture. It doesn’t mean every american is ignorant, but a good enough portion is.

  7. Dearest Meshca,

    I agree! I see many comments on here which I would like to flag as “How rude!” or “How insulting” or “OMG where did you learn to type – in a Russian rehabilitation school for the mentally handicapped?”

    And, sometimes I see comments I would like to flag as “Great!” “Wonderful!” or, “How insightful!” or “How sexy!”

    Alas, no such feature exists.

    However, thank you for identifying this problem. Identifying a problem with a service is often the first step toward identifying a service-oriented solution!

    Yours in dynamic organizational development,
    M. Ahmadinejad

    P.S. – I saw in another post that you are living in Florida, USA. Are you working at the Disney World? How do you like it? Can you send me a Mickey Mouse original? The North Korean knockoff I got from Kim Jung Il is not as soft and cuddly. It is skinny and hard, like a North Korean mouse (if you can find one that hasn’t been made into a tasty soup).

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    • No, you got it wrong. Sin is not an appropriate translation. It is an adult vice ! These statues represented here are the factors, if you want, that would lead to children’s perdition in the contemporary world.

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  10. I am not sure sin is the right English translation. I saw these statues in the park as I walked to Red Square from the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. It show the blind folded children not seeing the danger of the world that can tempt and/or distroy them. My favorite is the bomb/Disney character.

  11. One eveneing last month I try to make the love to each statue. When I woke up from drunkenness, my manpride bent like small cleaner of pipes. I did not try to love the children statues becausing I am not a sex-deviant.

    • Bilosh,

      That is an excellent report! I can see you have been practicing in your journal. Keep it up! 🙂

      Wishing you continued success in creative nonfiction,
      M. Ahmadinejad
      Recipient of Iran’s highest literary award (well, they will award it soon, or else)

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  13. The bible has many stories about so called events that happend 2,000 years ago.Even the revelation has already happend.

    Back then the roman empire was the world superpower.A renegade named Jesus stood up to it.

    How does a religion begin?Joseph Smith claimed he saw jesus and god talk to him in a field and now there are 12 million mormons!

    Be your self and believe what you wan’t and not what a city or country or people would like you to believe.

    • Since humans walked the earth there has been wars.People rode horses back then(the 4 horsemen).Where did the word chornobyl come from?How many times has it been used?

      When a country first starts everything is cheap.Over the years prices increase.How many wars have been fought at the cradle of life(Iraq)in the past?This is in the revelation!

      Isreal was a part of the roman empire at that time.Did jesus or his friends have to like rome!!

      Me and my friends could write many stories about me having magic powers.But in todays society no one would believe it.

      • Well, chornobyl is the russian word for wormwood, that appear only on revelations 8:10 and I don´t know if it have something to do with the horse men (I think not, but just in case, ya know), of course I don´t think jesus would like the roman occupation but he still said: give to caesar what is for caesar; and give god what is for god, saying that caesar cared for terrenal goods, but god cares for good deeds.

        anyway… aren´t we agreed that it would be better if we all can take along? if people would just simply care for each other there would be no need to follow religions (for some people), or making things to wake up conciusness; unfortunately, there where wars and fights since humans begun to exist, and even before, even monkeys fights for territories and resources

        you know something I hate? when (pseudo)leaders of something so spiritual like religion get their nose into something so materialistic like politic, and many of them take advantage of that; come on, who can tell me that the vatican became so rich for selling cinnamon and other stuff? specially them who says that people have to help the poor gets richer everyday while there is a lot to do in other countries.. aaaawww is good to be the king, the good life you know? many people realized that money is not from the hard work, of studies, but in religion; taking advantage of many people who thinks that by giving money they will go to heaven

        • Well cuban :D,I was only guessing the revelation already happend.I saw a program on the hystory channel about the author of the revelation.I don’t have a bible so I can’t look up his name.Maybe it was John.

          Anyway I think he was in a prison on a island and he wrote about the beast with 7 heads.That was compared to the 7 hills of rome.

          I see the revelation like a Nostradomas prediction.In one of his predictions he wrote of a new city with a burning tower.People connect that to new york and 9/11.Ancient cities had walls around them with look out towers.And armies would poison the water supply of their enimies by putting dead animals in it.

          I have been with the mormon and the christion religion.Now I am undicided about a supreem being in a heaven.

          The last part of my first comment read be yourself and believe in what you want.Don’t let something control you to the point that you can’t live your life to the fullest.

  14. These sculptures are beautiful and powerful They will stir many imaginative minds. Poverty does seem out of place among the figures though

  15. The Prophet (pbuh) visited me in a dream and told me if I would be obedient in this life he would reward me with my greatest dream in “the next life.”

    So, here I am, being obedient, anxiously awaiting my “rebirth” as a French woman.

    Yours in obedience and fashionable cross-dressing,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  16. This is majestic !!
    Wonderful and meaningful art. I enjoyed looking at it.
    Good job!
    I would like to have something like that in my town !

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  21. I prepare on putting up this guide all above the web. Ought to I give any credit/references back to you?

  22. Stop saying bullshit about russians. I am russian but living in Europe. Not because russian men hit me, lol. Russian women, if they don’t like always drunk husbands – can live alone. Nobody force in this country to marry ugly stupid bad men, get the same children and spread it. They do it – means they are masochists. But there is ENOUGH abuse here, in Europe, and in the Middle East, OK? So, this monument is in Moscow not for saying “Oh yes, this is Russia”. Better look at your children, maybe they already smoke, steel and sell themselves.


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