Russian Special Police in Action

Russian Police Operation

Yesterday Russian police had to a few people who as have been said robbed Chinese enterpreneurs. They were tracked down and Russian police special forces arrived to the place in the middle of the day to the quite residential neighbourhood. People from surrounding houses had a chance to see the police in action. Policemen had no chance of accessing the locked appartment where the suspects were, so guess what? Police has started the fire and injected some burning gas into the appartment so it all has became on fire in just a few minutes – the people had to leave urgently to the balcony where they were shot down by police.

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36 thoughts on “Russian Special Police in Action”

  1. Apparently, starting a fire in an apartment to smoke out suspects is such a wonderful idea. BTW What did they use? I’m not too aware of the effects of less-lethal grenades has on its surrounding.

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        • Looks like you’re a paid Pakistani propagandist to create a rift between the decades-old friendship existing between the Russian (including all former Soviet Union states) and Indian people. No Indian would ever make that remark. I’ve been reading almost all of these pages and I see that you’re on every page taking pain to sow your hatred of Russia in the guise of an Indian identity. You’re fake, an agent provocateur only to malign Indians who love everything about Russians and other former USSR states and its peoples. Nobody is going to buy your poison. Just stay away from these columns.

    • They proabley use a flashbang device or grenade it will smoke like that but all most never will it start a fire. It’s a standard tactic used the world over. It’s actualy for the safety of the criminals. With the flash bang you don’t have to shoot them just rush the apt and cuff them up.

  2. 1.Wouldn’t it be kind a suspicious that no one near the site would be allowed to be there, apart from the suspects?
    4.So why did a fire began? Did the suspects put a fire on the flat by themselves?

    • This was in Vladivostok, they weren’t Russians they were from Kazakhstan and they were armed. The matras or something like that caught on fire when the lobbed that flash bag inside and as soon as they ran out they were shot by the snipers. There is a vid on Youtube somewhere

  3. yeah, they more care about own lifes, than other home inhabitants.
    such a shame for really crack team from Russian policy in past.

    and other thing – in Russia, law enforcement think they can break the laws on regular basis. in frequently do[both Russian and international]. one more example – this case.

    • This is said as if valuing their own lives is a bad thing.

      This tactic would not have washed in the West, but it worked and apparently no one but the bad guys were hurt by it. There’s really then no ethical reason to prefer risking your own butt over this.

  4. In the USA these police officers would now be sued by the ACLU for violating the rights of the people inside. Then the murderous thugs would be released back onto the streets to terrorize other neighborhoods, with a bag of money awarded to them by the government in apology for frightening them so bad and violating their rights.

  5. Police threw in hand grenade to flush suspects out, not a smoke grenade.. Fire started because in the house there are gas pipelines….

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  7. Damn right, in USA you can get sued for anything, even if you`re a police officer doing your job. At least in Russia (and some other countries), criminals know not to fu*k with police, because they know they will get seriously fu*ked-up! I think thats right, and if you`re not ready to play by these rules – don`t become a criminal!!

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  9. American swat could learn a lot from these guys. In America swat is so arrogant with little skill
    Or actual endurance in Russia alpha is humbel and polite with supreme tactics and ability Plus the can endure a stand off better than swat.

    • Lobbing tear gas or flash bangs into a barricaded apartment is part of police procedure for such situations everywhere in the world.

      What I am wondering though is that the foremost duty of the police is to protect life. In this case, police clearly had no intention to arrest these criminals in the first place. Either they were going to be smoked alive inside the apartment, be shot by snipers or jump off the balcony. If they would have surrendered peacefully, there would probably have been no way to rescue them.

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