23 thoughts on “Real Man’s Flat”

  1. Congratulations!! You have won the Tim Berners Lee commemorative “First Medal”.

    Well done. This takes commitment and is a deserved tribute.

  2. Efes is Turkish beer brand which makes me believe these photos aren’t from Russia.

    And Helga from Finland, i am from Finland and i know very well nobody is that poor in Finland. In fact, everyone in Finland are rich and very happy.

  3. this photos are from turkey.. efes is a turkish brand is right and also these photos so famous in turkey… and there are more these kind of photos in my inbox, too. by the way, that does not mean turkey or turkis people poor, that just shows that, being a university student or live students in same house could be cousing these kind of scenes.. turkish university student’s houses are so famous, they start to learn being innovative when they move their own homes first…

    and about finland economy; finland could have stronger economy, could has better life conditions but how about sun and hot weather?? turkey have sun on the sky 365 days and that just enough reason to be happy !!! sun, sea, beaches and wellcome to turkey !!!

    • absolutely you are right…we have so many interesting things for showing from Turkey…I think new site will be more famous than englishrussia….Start working about it I will send some documents….

  4. Hay,this person is not Guy,look at the hands it seems to be a lady,any way the person is extremily selfish he can buy cans of beer and packets of cigarettes but he canot buy birthday candles.Dont worry for his next birthday i will send cake with candles.

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