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Russian boy collects coins

Guess what this boy is doing?

Russian boy collects coins 2

He collects coins. In Russia in every large city there are memorial complexes devoted to the Russian soldiers killed during World War 2. In every such a place there is a fireplace powered by a gas which makes the flame burning through every weather, everyday 24×7. There is a tradition among Russian people to throw coins there, they say the place keepers then collect the coins and buy flower so that there could be everytime fresh flowers laid around. This boys also collect the coins.

Russian boy collects coins 3

Russian boy collects coins 4

Russian boy collects coins 5

Russian boy collects coins 1
and now to police.

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    • it is the poor children of immigrants from former Soviet republics because only in the Soviet Union, they have education, health care and work

      but they wanted independence and got it like that

      that fought for it and naporolis (received) (Russian Proverb)

      • Don’t make me laugh. There are houndreds RUSSIAN homeless kids in Russia. They may have a kick from russian policeman and the state only.

    • but on the democratic west, of course there are no poor illiterate unemployed

      urgently need to hang our government and take the benefit of the West and live happily ever after as in a fairy tale


  1. OMG! A rouble itself is smth like 3 US cents… And these coins are kopeeks, what is even less than that… 10 kopeeks is like 0.3 cents… Can You buy anything for that? I don’t think so… You need pounds of coins

    • If I counted correctly in the picture there is 3 roubles 89 kopeeks and a single metroticket cost right now 20 roubles in St:Petersburg. And as cops are so corrupted in Russia most propably the officer will take the coins from these children.

  2. Real Russian Rock via Sweden!

    Bear, CCCP, Putin! Vodka! :))

    “Pihlman Pål – Tingaliin Tingeling russian base lovers remix”

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