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  1. I found a trunkful of similar magazines from late 50s to mid 60s while cleaning in my wife┬┤s granny weekend house! They are super-cool, the relics of the times when it seemed the technologies were omnipotent!
    Great post.

  2. Great Stuff! Back in Kharkov we had a store not so far from my house called “Unii Tehnik” or “Youth technician” where they sold these.

  3. wrong. i remember at least 14 popular science magazines at least.
    but i agree, TM – one of best and my favourite in childhood.
    (and not bad up 2 2001, IMO).

  4. The art work is very nice, almost un-soviet. But is it only me, or is the cover on the left, making it read from right to left.

  5. Webmaster, this is a fascinating article. If possible, more examples of science magazines would be appreciated. The illustrations are great!

  6. I like young girl with webbed feet and inviting fun mouth in foto 17
    She is like I will hold your tadpoles in my mouth and hatch frogmen

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  8. that used to be a cool mag, by the way
    my grandma has still hundreds of them from the 60-70’s and I adored them as a child

  9. These is very interesting material in many fields apart from collectible items, from science studies from evolution of printed media for people studying communication sciences, I’ve seen expositions of this kind of materials in museums, are these in particular displayed on any?

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  11. Yes, that was a magazine of high quality. But it wasn’t the only popular science magazine. “Nauka i zhizn” (“The science and life”) was also relatively popular, and also teenagers had their “Yuny Technik” (“The young technician”) with and “Kvant”.

    Yet Soviet republics might have a number of magazines in their national languages. At least in Lithuania, there were two such magazines, similar to “Technika molodezhi” and “Nauka i zhizn” , both in Lithuanian.

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