24 thoughts on “Dope at 30,000ft”

    • OMG Russians are soo gullible, I am not surprised Russia has the world’s highest rate of plane crash, military and civilian and russian planes are rightly dubbed flying Coffin in the west 🙁

      • Well, this video might be a fake, but when the Aeroflot Flight 821 crashed last year killing everyone on board, it definitely was not a fake crash 🙂

        The pilots were DEADLY drunk, there was an audio of their conversations with traffic controllers – OMG, they can hardly even move their tongue and name their flight number.

  1. I really hope it is fake.

    I suppose the smoking person could have easily have exhaled cigarette smoke into a bottle and then they pretended it was something else. Who knows …

  2. Good one you silly russians!

    Why would Aeroflot compromise their reputation with a video like this!

    This is another trick video for russian blogers.

  3. Cannot be real. Doing that and uploading a video of it in the internet would get those people fired immediatly. Either it’s fake, or those people are without work now.

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