40 thoughts on “Car and Dog”

    • OMG poor russians cant even afford to walk their dogs in a nice peaceful and evironmntally friendly park thanks to high crime rate and sexual activities in russian parks 🙁

      • The car costs more than 80 000 euros… you dont have that kind of money…and even if you have …this dosent mean their poor…Russia has the most milionaires in the world…I would apreciate it if you would stop commenting on this site!

  1. This post all wrong!!! Dog not receive excersizes. This dog is homosexual Anglish dog. Man is using dog for the bait to catch larger dog. Real man do not wish for dog the size of small rodent.

  2. Somehow I enjoy vacation. Seems like your union haven`t really succeed..;)

    I mean who would like to work crazy 6-days a week, twelve hours a day with a couple of days annual holliday like let`s say japanese people do:))

  3. I’m just a Moscow Uni student, but I should say that we study 6 days a week… it’s also the same for many schools. And very many people work on Saturday or even Sunday.
    So it’s unfair to call Russians or Americans lazy. We are very big nations with lots of people who live very different life.
    As for Russia most people are included in so called “rat races”, where they have to work from morning till night in order to make their living…

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  5. yes its true
    you are a good person taht you do that
    but do you think that the russians people want the kids te bee like that
    it s just the bad geoverment they can do nothing about it the russian people

    • No!! Don’t all come to America!
      Fix the problems with your own country and then enjoy your own prosperity where ever it maybe.

      There are many great countries out there – and there is nothing wrong with loving your own country – I respect that!

  6. Remember folks: when Canada gets invaded – who ya gonna call eh?

    That’s correct my moose loving neighbors!!!! America!!!

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