Ellipse Wings

Russian Ellipse Wing Plane

In Belarus they use planes with ellipse wings. They say it has a few benefits comparing to the simple one or double winged planes, like the wing can be less in size, it’s more firm because the ellipse form is self sustaining, also there are now air vortexes by the sides of the wings which gives up to 30% increase in power compared to the traditional planes.

Russian Ellipse Wing Plane 2

Russian Ellipse Wing Plane 3

Russian Ellipse Wing Plane 4

Some Russian users say this planes could suit well futurustic pictures of 60s.
Russian Ellipse Wing Plane 5

Or could have a Mobius styled wings too.
Russian Ellipse Wing Plane 6

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these in the air. From what I’ve heard the old bi-planes were more maneuverable and able to fly slower. Perhaps these ellptical wings show some of the same characteristics.

  2. My mistake to take this seriously. The “photo shop” mobious version should have been a clue. I just did a bit of searching and this is not and elliptical (or ellipse) wing at all. That is a whole different concept and can be seen on such famous planes as some of the spitfires. This is called a ring wing. The article has an incorrect title.

    • Jargon is constantly reusing descriptive words in various industries. That alone doesn’t make it a fake. It clearly is an ellipse wing.

      I take it you are saying an ellipse wing would normally be elliptical from a side view?

      This should fly if it is not too heavy. Did anyone see the plane with second front wing a number of years ago? Because the front wing “stalls” first the plane cannot go into a stall like conventional aircraft. Quite cool.

      The lack of a clear source for the plane and technology does sort of leave it open to your challenge though.

      • It looks like you are very jelous of my country the USA and it’s powerful armed forces!!

        Using my name while you continue with your temper tantrum will not change anything!

        Your country will still suck and so will you!!!!

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  5. I think Miss India is a member of English Russia working undercover to generate debate in the post.. Who is with me?

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  7. The problem with the mobious wing is that you can go backwards in time if you don’t recover from a stall quickly enough.

    • I don’t know how well “L_O_[BEEP]ing_L” makes the jump to Russian, so I will use whole words. I laughed out [BEEP]ing loud. I wish I had thought of that one, but I didn’t. You did. My compliments.

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  9. Classic Boxwing-Design – we built those Aircrafts since years (LSA-Class) and they are very safe and resistant to stalls.

  10. viperman, are u always such a joke?:) But thanks anyway for making me smile, i like “men” who pretend to be such tough guys in the net, u´re cute 😉 Can u hear mommy calling? I think mommy made u soup, now go and eat, then brush teeth and then it is time for tough “men” like u go to sleep 🙂 Sleep well, cutie 🙂

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  13. The still-experimental Eclipse-wing aircraft can only be flown safely during a total eclipse. There was an experimental Eclipse-wing bomber flown in the late 50s, and Bad Things Happened when it could not keep up with the umbra of the eclipse. To avoid crashing, the nuclear bombs had to be dropped on North Dakota so the plane could land in Montana. Damages in ND were an estimate $26.40 (yes, we do those, too).

    I get it they tell Belarus-jokes in Russia. We tell them as ND-jokes in MT, and as “Buckeye” (Ohio) jokes in WV. On whom do they tell them in Belarus? Best regards.

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  16. lol reading the comments is waaaay more interesting that the actual article. You guys are gold… well I’d go with fool’s gold, but a good subsitute none the less!

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