Group Rope Jumping

Russian people rope jumping 6

It’s new fun in some Russian cities, to jump from the bridge with the rope in a big group, when there is no water under the bridge but raw firm ice, also they use to jump at that same moment when the train is going thru the bridge – just imagine what the machinist could think when he sees a bunch of people standing on the rails just before the moving train, so he probably starts slowing down and then all those people jump out of the bridge…

Russian people rope jumping
Russian people rope jumping 2

Russian people rope jumping 3

Russian people rope jumping 4

Russian people rope jumping 5

Russian people rope jumping 7

Russian people rope jumping 8

Russian people rope jumping 9

Russian people rope jumping 10

Russian people rope jumping 11

Russian people rope jumping 12

Russian people rope jumping 13

Russian people rope jumping 14

Russian people rope jumping 15

Russian people rope jumping 17

Russian people rope jumping 16

And then police came…

photos by russos

56 thoughts on “Group Rope Jumping”

    • OMG poor Russians are risking their precious lives for just one minute of thrill in poor Russia because there is nothing to do for the young people of Russia for fun . I feel sorry for them 🙁

  1. Very cool, I would love to give it a try.
    The picture with the train going past all the people crouching down is crazy LOL

  2. Peoples manufacture danger for theyselfs because the life it is become too safe and they need feeeling of thrill. Then they go to office on Monday with little foto of dangerous weekend adventure so office peoples can be envious.

    But even I risk death to be sexy with girl in second foto. wa wa wa wa!

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  22. goodness, it is in my home city…
    and i was never aware that was happening there…
    btw, it is not that dangerous to be on bridge when the train comes, there is some space in between two rails, plus space on the sides, as long as you hold on to something/someone

  23. The Russian teenagers don’t want anyone to HELP them…they do this as a way of expressing themselves. yes, their options are limited but the do realize they have options.

    They do not want pity. How often do we see The United States teenages “caught in the act” of expressing themselves? If we do have the chance, it is only because the U. S. Teens CHOOSE to reveal what they do to the Americans.

    Americans, and other countries, relax and just enjoy the photographs as they appear…nothing more.


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