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    • This is from Kiev Ukraine and I have seen this museum last year – its a great place to see historical items from Russian military. Near this museum is another place where you can see the indoor museum of “Great Patriotic War”. The museum is located on a hill overlooking the river. If I remember correctly it is located right near the large statue of a woman called the “motherland” (nearly 100 foot tall)holding a shield and a sword I think. As you drive to Kiev from the airport you will see this statue when you cross the river Dnieper on the right side.
      Hope that helps!!!!

  1. I have similar proble Dr. Shadow. I purchase woman on street and “pimp” shows up to say I cannot keep her. It is crazy!

    • Russians weapons and machinery looks better in museaum than those owned by Russia thanks to poverty and lack of funds in Russia 🙁

  2. What is that strange air plane with the door in the front in picture #17?

    Also, isn’t it nice when Miss India is not around?

  3. excellent shots in the winter

    Imagine how will look the R-12 (8K63, Dvina) missile deployed in Cuba (the 4th pic top to bottom). This system was one Soviets deployed on the island, sparking one of many nuclear crisis between east and west.
    If this is not a mockup, could be interesting to know where the one on display was deployed.
    By the way American intelligence agencies nickname this system SS-4 Sandal

    The other missile is the RT-21 (in its TEL vehicle), a very impressive mobile complex and for me another symbol of the cold war, all of them destroyed by the INF treaty.

  4. The “Spitfire” is a Yakovlev Yak-3.

    You’re right about the Dakota. It’s a Lisunov Li-2, a DC-3 licensed to be built by Soviet Union in the 30’s.

    I don’t know what you mean by Duck in the pictures.

    • 4th from the bottom (Or 42nd from the top) American amphib truck. But that other is a Spitfire copy, Even the wheel covers are the same.

    • He means the vehicle that looks like a boat – the US Army called them Ducks. In Wisconsin Dells we have many of them for amusement rides up and down the river and sandy trails.
      Must have gear or clutch problems because every time I rode one the driver grinds the gears – drives me nuts! Get the hell out and let me drive that thing you punk ass college kids.

  5. have to say – after looking about on the web – I’m very surprised that the Yak-3 wasn’t a “license” of a spitfire – like the DC-3. It’s fair to say that Mr Yakovlev had seen Spitfires…..

    Both the UK and the US helped USSR out with lots of planes & materiel during the war.


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