20 thoughts on “Sorsk Town”

  1. Finally – A Lenin statue which is not point at me! He appear as if he want to check my testicles with right hand.

    • OMG typical Russian town look more like a Supermax prison Complex than a town, its soo depressing to see, I feel sorry for the poor people living there 🙁

  2. Wow! Wonderful!

    Perfect insight into Soviet reality.

    Poverty, misery and delusions of grandeur, with monuments to heroes, real or (mostly) imaginary.

  3. Next week I hear they get new McDonalds and Starbucks.

    Why no Taco Bell I wonder???? Thats right – you need a Mexican to run the place and their all living here in America off my tax dollars – oh how I forget things!

    • Much as I respect you for flying F-16’s to defend me from the USSR – if they are working in Taco Bell – they are paying taxes too.

  4. molibdenum, if I’m not wrong is very rare mineral and sooo expensive. But why this town became ruined when they’ve precious mine on it?

    • “And all others are very proud of him wasting money in Monte Carlo, London, New York”

      Right. It makes them feel that they are Great Nation.

  5. Just shows that numbers aren’t all that good as a measure.

    USSR – 70 years and has a enormous gap in between between rich & poor, Poorest living in squalor.

    Sweden – one of the smallest gaps between rich & poor in the world with high quality free medical care and education for all.

    All that number says is that Russia doesn’t spend it’s money as wisely and fairly as the Swedes.

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