Dead Towns of Kola

Russian abandoned towns

Kola peninsula is a cape in North-Western Russia. This region borders Norway and Finland and has direct access to the Northern Ocean. Because of it’s prevailing strategic position it was valued much by Russian army and hundreds of army bases were placed on the peninsula.
During 1990s Russian army got tremendous budget cut off and had to cut its costs. One of the way to save for the army was to give up some bases and concentrate bases from bordering locations to one. So it was done and many of the army bases were abandoned. Then the other way to reduce costs was to pay less to the personnel, so during 1990s many Russian soldiers and officers had to give up Army service cause they couldn’t sustain normal living from it. Especially at the Northern territories where it was impossible to keep natural living sources like gardens or domestic animals. People naturally fled from North. The apartments prices were falling down at just lightning speed rates, going to as low as $2000 for a 4 room flat, and then it all finished up with hundreds of residential multi-stored houses stayed abandoned with no occupancy.
Army has built a lot of small cities during the Soviet period around its military objects. Those were left first. Now tens of such towns stay all across Kola Peninsula not visited, not inhabited.
Here are just some photos from the empty streets of Kola Peninsula Ex-Army Town.

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Parking Sand

Russian parking in Ukraine 3

What has happened to this parking lot in Kiev is following. At night there was flood that brough a lot of water and sand to the places below some level and then in the morning the water was gone but sand and dirt stayed at its place, so when the car owners came to drive out from the lot they found their cars half stuck in sand, right in the middle of the city.

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Masterpieces Modified

Russian art, modified

Russian photoshop masters have released new series of masterpieces. Now they modified old art in some small details in order to keep the whole impression of the artwork like original but every has some cool addition/modification.

For example above is one of the most famous Russian artworks “Bears in Woods”. So, can you see someone else there now, besides the bears? Maybe predator in his cloaking suit?

Look down for more coolnes:

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Pseudo Goth Church

Russian goth church

In Russia there are no Goth Cathedrals or Churches, just because Russian Orthodox church, the dominating confession are Russia is not a Goth style guys, neither now nor centuries before.

They preferred their original Russian architectural desings or sometimes copied from Eastern church – from Byzantium, modern Turkey, from where this church branch has originated.

But it’s not by chance they say that in Russia East and West meet. Sometimes Russian church architects of the past has built something reminding the goth cathedrals of Europe combined with traditional Russian design elements. Those were called pseudo-goth churches. Here is one of such.

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Russian Honey Drink

Russian drink

For hundreds of years there was a tradition in Russia to make speical drink from honey and hop plant.
It is a low-alcohol drink, that was sometimes mentioned by famous Russian classic authors too.

They say that before the wedding all the members of the family helped to prepare a good stock of this honey drink for the marrying pare. Then during the wedding and 30 days after the married couple had to drink only this beverage – no any other was allowed. So the honeymoon was called in Russia after an actual honey drink.

The recipe itself is easy. First they boild a water in the pan, then add there enough honey, then after sometime some very small quantity of hop plant is being added and then, it’s being take from the fire, put aside to calm down and then the yeast is added. That’s all, after five days they have a true Russian drink that is even stronger just a regular beer.

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Sand Eating Woman

Russian woman eats sand
This woman is from one Russian village.
She attracted our attention because of one weird fact about her. According to her words she is fond of eating sand. Yes, just regular sand you can get from outside. This what she does – takes the bucketful of sand to bring home.
She didn’t tell how much she eats and why she does this. The only information was shared is that she is fond of doing this.

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