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    • Russia is such a strong and soulfull country. Look at those brave faces of all of our brave Russian soldiers. Unlike in the west where the soldiers all think they are Rambo, and like to dress up like clowns so they feel important. So sad for the west:(

      • These soldiers may be brave but they were so poorly equipped. The so called western soliers you talk about being dressed up as clowns are properly equipped to do a job right and safly. presently the Russian army looks bad, when Russia entered the second world war then almost lost it all and one of the problems were lack of good gear. By the way there is one photo there of some soldiers wearing 1930s issued boots they look like clowns.

        ps these pictures are great during this conflict I was starved for photo.

      • I’ll bet a lot off money the Russian kids who came in one piece and the ones who came back missing pieces don’t see it such a romantic light.

    • OMG i’m too late and there had been posted alot, but i have to say… Russians are so poor, they ruined developed economy of Afghanistan, but now thanks to American invasion Afghanis enjoy western wealth and can buy all western luxury goods 🙁

  1. Note that the soldiers carry a lot of civilian equipment while on duty. The reason is that the Red Army in Afghanistan was not supplied properly and many a soldier was dependent on what his Mom and Dad sent him from the USSR.
    Note e.g. the sneakers and colorful sleeping bags. Another common items were hand-woven sweaters etc.

    • Certainly NATO forces are in a far better position than their Soviet counterparts were 20 years ago. They are indeed far better equipped and trained, but most crucially, NATO forces (specifically US and British) have stumbled upon a great business opportunity that soviets never even thought of exploiting.

      NATO forces not only make it possible for the narcotics industry to thrive in Afghanistan, but are in fact the very crucial elements in its production and distribution throughout the western world. Indeed, it seems, entrepreneurial spirit is still very much alive in Afghanistan.



      • Comrade Abramov!
        I suggest you to read the books by RUSSIAN authors concerning the Afghanistan war, e.g. A. Borovik – Spryatannaya voyna, unless these and similar books, which are not in accord with Putler´s heroic propaganda, were already publicly burnt by Putinjugend (which would not surprise me at all).
        What I wrote about general lack of usable shoes, warm clothes etc. is information taken from the memoirs of those Russians who survived the bloodshed. The 18-yrs old soldiers, who did not have any choice but going to the war, were not even given ID badges and, if KIA, had to be identified using hand-written pieces of paper inserted into empty AK-74 cartridges which they were required to stitch into the collars of their uniforms.

        • CZenda, you amuse me. Even when people agree with you 100% you still proceed to argue with them :)Is that a Czech thing? Or is it beacuse I have a Russian name? 😉

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  3. funny how the US supported the “freedom fighters” back then, while calling them “terrorists” now after the Taliban refused to be the dog of the USA

    • What goes around, comes around to bite you in the ass! Just sad to see more young boys (and girls) die for an unworthy cause.

      At least they are not the conscrip salve labour like the poor Soviet boys were, but just a bunch of Brainwashed silly rednecks. Still, human life is human life nevertheless.


  4. I saw this Russian film: “9th Company”, I thought I was awesome, though somebody told me that incident didn’t happen as shown in that film… still I think I had some message, and it was good to see a film made from the Russian point of view, appart from that all I had seen on the topic was Rambo III :P, and you know what those films are like… I am not gonna say Russia was right or wrong on Afghanistan, nor I will say the same for America and Vietnam, they were just fighting for their cause, and can’t say that history judges the rest because there are too many people writting history, I guess it comes to individual opinion in the end.

    • Frankly that’s quite insulting for any sane Soviet citizen who took part in this conflict. They didn’t fight for “their cause”, they were made to fight for the Imperial “cause” of Breznev and KGB thug Andropov.

      • Wrong. Soviets fought very bravely against a fundamentalist theocracy on behlaf of a secular and more democratic government, while so much of the world at the time threw its support for the mujahideen and their genocidal policies. There was no “imperialism” involved. If I was old enough at the time I would have supported them wholeheartedly in any way possible.

  5. Excellent pics and some of the characters of the 9th company movie guard a close resemblance with these brave soldiers (their faces are similar).

    Anyway, I wonder what if Soviets had won the war and the communist govermment were succesfully instaurated. Will be better than now or worse?. How Afghanistan will handle the fall of the communism?. Its just speculation.

    But things went wrong since the beggining with insuficient numbers, bad tactics, heavy tanks in mountanious areas, not enough air support for the ground troops. And it seems they forget the lessons on how to deal with stinger missiles (learned in the Angolan war). What a waste of resources

    • actually, during the 10 years of war Soviet army had only 13833 soldiers killed in action. it means that in one month we lost about 116 people a month and about 4 people a day. it doesn’t look like a bloodbath for the Soviet army. and it certainly means that the tactics was not that bad. most of the Soviet soldiers were engaged for control over certain objects like airports, roads, etc. and only special forces and aviation were used for the operations against the enemy.

  6. Thank you for the report, American Imperial Station #24556. Get me a Coke. You czechs know what a coke is? A C-O-K-E… [turns to British underling] can’t get good help these days you know… makes you miss those Flips… Ah, to be back in the midst of that brown, fiery lot… [Brit mumbles something about the Raj under his breath]

  7. Hey Gena,

    You are probably right about talking too much – though I notice you only commented when I made a vague criticism of the USSR.

    Fact is USSR lost that war badly… reason being lack of resources as well as a high percentage of unmotivated conscript troops.

    If you know your history then you will know that it was the Scots who took over England in 1603 when the Scots King became King of England.

    Nowadays we still come down to England to run Britain and their major companies. We built the British Empire – and we ran it.

    British were also the first to get slaughtered and kicked out of Afghanistan in 1841.

    • Err… it’s a fact. Though I will concede that it didn’t really end up with Scotland being in charge of England.

      and there are two sets of people in Scotland – highlanders & lowlanders. Lowlanders always had more power and they did like James. Do a bit of research!

      • That’s not say that the Stuarts were universally disliked by highlanders though – they did however crush the independence of the highland clans a bit earlier.

        Anyway – back to you guys getting your arses kicked in Afghanistan…..

      • Though now there isnt a border between highlanders and lowlanders since they had to come together after many of the eco downfalls in the past and wiskey isnt scottish, its a chinese invention. the scots hold the rights for wiskey though.

        • All of what you say is nonsense. Eco downfalls?

          When Scotland was formed there was no “border” between lowland and highland just difficult terrain. Sure, it didn’t include the Norwegian bits but that was mainly the islands.

          I think it’s impossible to say who “invented” whisky. Scotland doesn’t “hold the rights to whisky – just the use of the name Scotch Whisky. A bit like only fizzy wine from Champagne can be called Champagne.

    • Yeah, but that’s not a bad thing is it?

      There will *never* be peace in the middle-east, those dogs want only one way of life; a muslim way of life. They’d do whatever it takes to spread the “love”, hell i’m sure they’d even shoot-at/bomb you if they had a chance. I say get them before they get us.

      Go to theync.com, many videos of their “handy work” can be viewed there – muslim extremists, make me sick.

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  9. Here here! Get them before they get us!

    Damn savages need to be wiped out! By bullet or by nuke I don’t care, as long as Im there to do my share ^_^

  10. yeah, Pakistan inteligence catched and after sucessful blackmail attempt – converted and used congressman Wilson and some of their collegues and resulted military, intelligancy, and financial support.
    initially – Wilson planned just to sell obsolete and [almost]not worked military equiopment, captured by their friends in IDF[yes, both ibn history are jew]and thus their enemies – Pacustan-Afganistan have no weapon and they earn some money.
    dont read ex-intelligince Pakistan book[“bear Trap”].
    this is [cunning] lie by Pacistan intel.
    but [strong]rumors thire Pabout Zia have compromisiong itel from USSR colegues. and thats [truly]amazing !!

  11. You believe if the russian stayed there we didn’t even expect taliban?
    Such intruders, make such taliban forces by their act in a foreign country. If that ussr leaves the coury alone, there weren’t Taliban’s.
    Go study some history books before writing explanation for the pictures.

    • If USA hadn’t have armed the rebels who were fighting Afghan government then USSR wouldn’t have been drawn into a war.

      We will help to make sure that Afghanistan will be their Vietnam” – Jimmy Carter

  12. Russian – 6888,Armenians 95,Ingushs 12,Tatars 442,Ukrainians 2376,Moldovans 194, Kabardins 25, Tuvinians 4,Belorussians 613,Lithuanians 57,Kalmyks 22,Udmurts 22,Uzbeks 1066,Latvians 23, Karakalpaks 5,Chechens 35,Kazakhs 362,Estonians 15, Karelians 6,Chuvashs 125,Turkmens 263,Abkhaz 6,Komi 16,Yakuts 1,Tadjiks 236,Balkars 9, Maris 49,Kyrgyz 102,Bashkirs 98,Mordva 66,Georgians 81,Buryats 4,Nationalities of Dagestan 101,Azeri 195,Jews 7,Ossetians 30,Other 168

  13. Lol they dont look like mercenaries. They wear light shoes and clothes because its very hot there. Ahganistan has very hot and dry climate, with deserts and mountains, so war there was very specific in this case. So you dont need kevlars etc to fight in afganistan because its useless there. I say that becuase my elder brother was on that war >__<

  14. so you have to trust me. They were equipped nicely, had everything they need, i mean weapons, food, clothes etc and even women sometimes xD

    2asdf: i saw these fotos on other russian website. Its a friend of a guy who posted fotos on the website.
    Btw, on the first foto, that guy on the left side, he was a sniper and he didnt survive, sorry forgot his name… >_<

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  16. I enjoy watching heroes, it came from boring into a fine tv series now. During the first few episodes, Was like, its another xmen clone. Now its really fun to watch, I really hope new episoded will be released soon.

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  19. Great photos. I’d seen a few now and then, but this is the first collection of photos I have ever seen from the soldiers of that conflict. I’m betting the camera was the tennis shoes guy, or a good friend of his. He seems to be in a lot of the photos. Anyway, whoever sent the photos in, thanks…and, I hope these guys made it home, or at least most of them. Found a gals that smile a lot, know how to cook, and like sex.

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