33 thoughts on “Personal Billboards”

  1. One of the companies that builds these… UGmedia.. is based in St. Petersburg. (as can bee seen on 1st and 2nd posters).

    Don’t know about the other ones…

  2. First picture:
    >“My Dear, all this is for you! I’m yours forever!

    Little mention:
    It’s grammar form in which woman talk to man (so it’s rather obvious that the girl doesn’t give Mercedes for her man, but rather the car makes that girl want to give ‘all’ 🙂 to the man).

    So some similiar mentions could be done to the next pictures.

  3. Some (1,2,7,8,9,10) of this posters are fake.
    It’s advertising campaign, which made by Krasnodar’s agency “Ruport” for shopping centre “Red Square”.
    They had placed this awfull billbords, which seems curiously for russian peoples too, and week later posited message “Greetings, honey! On the stripe it says: the other 999999 ways of showing your love are on the Red Square”.

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