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    • Miss India/Masha..
      See below

      Have you decided to stop posting as Miss India. I’m not surprised – given you have made a complete fool of yourself on here!

      Perhaps it would have been a good idea to change the nature of your posts in some way? It’s a bit obvious.

    • I take it that Miss India / Masha from Russia has not seen the home of African-Americans in some areas of Chicago? If you want to see poverty, take a look at these. For your information, all these towere blocks are all centrally heated and are actually quite comfortable. Inside the people create little palaces of homes. They might look “drab” from the outside, but inside is a different story. In Soviet times, everyone was fed too, unlike the USA. Culture wise, what is there is the US – McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC? The US destroyed the culture of the North American Indians, not so in the USSR.

      It is painfully obvious that Miss India / Masha of Russia has never set foot in the country.

  1. Oh beutiful soviet 70’s.. Probably one of the top economies in the world. 1977 the year my parents were married, and a year before I was born. Thanks for the pictures a lot!

    Tomas, Lithuania (Litva)

  2. I think these photos are great. The street scenes are good. Gotta love nylon flowery dresses!!

    Anyone know wher the white blocks of flats are in pic 31? The one with the two people on the balcony?

    It looks like they were being shown as modern, cool places to live.

    • Nylon?

      I remember dresses like that in the U.S. on women of my mother’s generation — or thought I did, but they weren’t nylon.

  3. 70s were one of the darkest decades for Czechoslovakia. Following the Soviet occupation in 1968, the country was subjected to in-depth purges both within and outside the local ruling Communist Party. Ideological gleichschaltung was omnipresent, again. All hopes for a better system, which had flowered during 60s, i.e. the one providing more freedom while honoring the socialist values (free education, free medical care etc.), were mercilessly quenched by Moscow and its local puppets.
    Early 70s also brought a wave of emigration – mainly to USA, Australia, SAR, before the Iron Curtain was slammed shut again, jailing the rest of the population in Soviet Bloc for another generation.
    No, 70s were neither optimistic or happy for Czechs.

    • The author seems to be confusing Soviet State with the people within it. During the 65 years of communist oppression there was no “golden era”, nether for Russians nor the Czechs. The only “golden era” for the soviet society, was the perestroyka in the 80’s – the end of the system as we knew it!

      • Katastroika was only golden era for you Jews.

        For rest of mankind it was a disaster, when the crime state USA took over the rule.

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  5. LOL at Bilosh

    Miss india the comments were funny but are now just repetitive, as well as all the people with MR. or MRS. in front of a country’s name attempting to copy cat (troll?)

    all in all i really enjoyed those photos and i think the “commie-blocks” add a great sense of atmosphere to Russia’s cities

    great capture of atmosphere the photos were amazing

  6. As the (GRD) great republican depression, fired by OPEC greed and high oil prices spreads unemployment over America, one has to begin to draw comparisons to the former U.S.S.R. and wonder, Is this the end of the American Empire as we know it? Huge, unprecedented, pay-offs to the thieving shylocks, shysters and banksters in the U.S. and astounding socialist bail-outs for the car companies, – equally brutal capitalist exploiters of the proletariat – haven’t insulted the booze soaked, pot and cocaine addicted, hormone meat fed, fat-assed early breeding, underemployed slaves to capitalism yet! What will it take to change the inequalities in the world? Are we doomed to a series of short lived petty exploitative “Empires”? Can somebody do a “Photo – comparison” of pictures with detailed parallel descriptions, of the ruins of the former U.S.S.R. and comparable photos of the closed car factories in Detroit, abandoned amusement parks in New Orleans , and soviet counter-parts,the Ohio Rust belt, abandoned coal mining equipment, abandoned buildings, airports, abandoned military planes in the deserts, and so on, to let the American and Russian people see that they are really not far from the same mess? The end of the post WWII boom?

    • ” end of the American Empire as we know it”

      I would hope so. And trust me, Americans will be better of in the end. At least they’d be able to sleep at night.

      But is Obama the man for the Job? His latest actions (or rather inactions) state otherwise.

      Change… don’t make me laugh!

  7. Great pictures if i only had a time mashine i would like to visit Soviet Union….

    Masha seems jealous i think shes a biatch behind daddys pc serfing all day long and eating daddys money…..

  8. These is a set of nice photographs… после я увидел эти фотографии, мне кажется, что в СССР при Брежневу всё хорошо!
    After i have seen these photographs it seems to me that under Breshnew USSR was just fine! Was it so?

  9. If the soviet golden era was the late 70’s, what went wrong?
    Because the crown jewel was suppose to be the OG1980
    It was the ending of Breznev years, the uncertainty about the 3 following soviet leaders?
    It was the afghan war?

  10. I guess photos showing anything but happy workers, prosperous ladies and polished buildings were censored by the Party, so these photos are only the merry side of that times.

  11. ejje calm down… the standards of architecture back then was the same in the occident like in the whole country baby…:-P and by the way… who says everyone has to live with “western standards”?… that’s wrong lady…

    Defend you country “Masha from Russia” LOL… soviet union is also of your roots…(sorry the english) XD…

  12. Soviet Russia succumbed to the same fate that all empires have faced. Communism survived because it existed undisturbed. All forms of government whether it be communism, democracy, monarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, dynastic, empirical or any other form of government, it will survive simply because it is. Only when acted upon by outside forces will governments dissolve. It has been happening since the beginning of civilization. Regardless of the country in which you reside, if you check your nation’s history you will find a succession of differing forms of government. The Soviet Union still exists. It is just governed differently. It was once czarist Russia. revolution brought forth communist soviet union, and revolution brought Russian commonwealth. only this time it was a peaceful revolution. all nations of the world have had periods of superior force either military, or economic, and all nations suffer decline. It will happen to the U.S. as well. Do not mourn what you feel is the loss of a dynasty, but savor the experience of watching your nation evolve. All governments dissolve but the nation itself will always survive.

  13. {Was it so?}

    It depends on whom you’ll ask this question to. About 85-90 per cent of people who actually lived in USSR in those years will certainly say they’d be glad to return that time.

  14. Soviet Union was the most powerful nation on planet earth and as a citizen of Indian Republic i would like to see Soviet Union forming again and must challenge America’s hegemony.

  15. Overall it is pretty amazing how far they were able to come in 30 years considering what the cities looked like at the end of WWII.

  16. If the communist leaders of the time had opened up the economy, your economic power today would far surpass both the yanks and the Chinese.


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