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    • This is a monument to Russian poet, novelist Mikhail Sholokhov.
      Horse’s head, the boat and the man – of his world famous works “Quiet Dawn(Тихий Дон, Tikhii Don)”, for which he received the Nobel Prize.
      A snow-hares – a joke, hint at another national stamp – a fairy tale Nekrasova “Father Mazai and rabbits”:)

  1. There is a famous poem by Nekrasov “Ded Mazai i zaytsy” (“Old Mazai and hares”). The point is that an old man called Mazai rides a boat during flood in spring in the search of floating wood and then he sees many wild hares that are being overwhelmed on tiny islands. He saves them all by taking them in his boat and then releases them when on stable ground.
    This poem is very popular among Russian children and is held by many to be of folklore, although is is not.

      • Really? If it were environmental awareness he would’ve either let then die or picked then up for food and fur, since they reproduce so fast they become plagues (which would also mean no real warm done) – ask the australians.

  2. the monument is to the writer Mikhail Sholokhov..and the horses are from his novel. actually there is water flowing representing the river so that you can think the horses are swimming in the river. they are actually drowning in the big water..that’s from the novel..a dramatic one. but when somone put the hares made of snow in the boat and around it is a parody reminding of the children’s story about Ded Mazai who saved hares in spring flood..

  3. First time I heard from this monument was here at englishrussia and then when I visited Moscow I definately wanted to search and see it myself, which I did. I also took some cool pictures but unfortunately my camera was stolen. The usual story for a foreign tourist in Mockba…

  4. А-ха-ха!!!Видел на фишках одну такую фотку.Ребята жгут.Надо было еще Мазаю бороду белую слепить,а заяц,плавающий в круге вообще порадовал)))))

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