We, Children of Galaktika

Some Soviet hits were not devoted to propaganda but had some mystical agenda beneath their lyrics. Like this song “We, the children of Galaxy” is still well remembered and cover versions appear from time to time.

The lyrics is something like “We are the children of Galaxy, but what even most important we are children of the Earth”. Soviet enjoyed a lot this song.

mp3’s can be found probably here and here

11 thoughts on “We, Children of Galaktika”

    • Why oh Why Russians had to copy Dr Who ? Why cant Russians create their own entertainment just for once? I am deeply saddenned by the lack of originality and creativity by Russians. 🙁

  1. typicall curtain affect.
    so any stranger – alienated as alines itself.
    and yes, we – children of Galaxy, and outsiders – nothing, but alien scum !!

  2. What word would I use if I want to search for the lyrics? In the meantime I’m just searching for МЫ ДЕТИ ГАЛАКТИКИ, but so far I haven’t yet found the lyrics.


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