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      • OMG Russians truly lacks originality and creativity when it comes to comics and entertainment is nt it? Everything is a rip off from American music, American comics, American entertainment, American dress etc etc. It is said that most poor countries lacks this kind of innate creativity as a result of lack of decent food in poor countries like Russia .:(

        • OMG actually Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a japanese comics, not american… Oh, bloody arrogant pro-americans. They think they created everything, when they didn’t even invent the airplane. Poor ignorants… 🙁

          • TMNT was initially published in an American comic book prior to it ever being animated. For further info here is the Wiki entry:


            I hope that this clears things up as to where TMNT got it’s start.

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  1. Batman has the logo of Russian paratroopers on his chest. It is confirmed ! Batman is Russian !!

    On a side note – are you aware that pretty soon alcohol will be banned on all flights, both national and international ? This was announced today.


    After confirmation that the september 2008 Aeroflot crash [88 dead] was caused by the pilot being drunk and last weeks removal of a complete Aeroflot crew just before take-off from Moscow because of the captain being completely wasted [Aeroflot officials at first refused to have the drunk pilot replaced, stating: It is no bg deal to fly an airplane ! You press the button and it flies itself!!! but gave in later on] this is the result: a Russian man can no longer drink himself into oblivion when traveling by plane !!!

    Modern times… another tradition down the drain.

  2. Batman has also played the role of raskolnikov in the crime and punishment. http://againwiththecomics.blogspot.com/2007/08/batman-by-dostoyevsky.html

    I am not just sure about Robin beeing Sonya…

  3. On the bottom of the cover it says the comic is for children ages 6 to 12. The subject of the comic is an angry bear whose balilaika turns into an AK-47!!! For children age 6?

  4. the batman one is actually pretty well drawn .

    i would be interested in learning more about the artist and seeing more of his work .

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    • Жесть. Самое интересное это – где они откапали этот комикс? По сюжету видно – рисовали америкосы )))

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  8. Perfect, i always thought the Ninja Turtles was missing something. Like a bear with a machine gun. Great stuff!

  9. TMNT IS JAPANESE YOU DAMN HALFWITS! Americans just patented it and started releasing as they;’re product. All americans ideas are stolen from random countries none of the ideas are actually born in america, and all american inventions are made by immigrants who are non american people.

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