31 thoughts on “Russian by Eugene Safian”

  1. OMG Russia in all of its barenaked Poverty! I have never seen such widespread poverty and untold miseries in my entire luxurious life! Will Russia ever be a developed country? O! Lord help them 🙁

  2. I is very unhappy! Foto 19 is brother’s son Pishmo. This the first day we allow Pishmo out of his cage. “he will be good bay! He not get into trouble” say wife. Now whole world see Pishmo’s image.

    • I have learned that it works much better when you have the E-mail field filled out. I can’t EVER post from my PC at work. It sometimes takes days for the post make it if it ever does – I don’t know why.

  3. Great pictures. Thanks to this site I feel like getting to know Russia more and more, although I’ve never been to Russia!

    Especially like the monkey picture and the one with Виктор Цой-Shirt!

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