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    • OMG russia is truly intriguing, we seen such poverty only seen in Africa right there in Russia then we see wasteful spending of millions of dollar on things like this? Looks like Russians treasure their appearance and scientific endeavours than feeding the hungry stomach of millions of poor russians.

      • Unfortunately this is true as it is absolutely essential for Russian security when US spends billions on military. You always say how sorry you feel for Russians, if you are, go and lobby the US government to stop putting pressure on other countries by reducing it’s insanely high military spending.

    • I remember the days when Miss India went by Finnish Alcoholics Anonymous, those were the most entertaining days on this site. Any of you who back to posts from summer 2007 can still see the same daily ranting!

  1. hot military girls rest after enjoed giant balls.
    p.s. as branch of THQ of Russian armed forces, you cannot see such problems here[i hope].

  2. Cool pics I seen a few of them time ago, in the past American intelligence think that from here Soviets were developing high power lasers to blind or destroy spacecraft. They realize later that the Okno system is used as an intelligence gathering tool to detect space objects optically cause usually these reflect the sunlight.
    Hope someday post also pics from Nurek dam which is near, the tallest dam in the world.
    And the nicest thing could be some pics from Lourdes a former Soviet/Russia electronics eavesdropping facility, in Cuba and Socotra, also electronics eavesdropping but located in Socotra island in Yemen.

  3. Hahah! There are injustices everywhere; even in a tourist-ridden country-town in the middle of nowhere down in Au.

    Damn mayor “Fatcat” always wanting pay rises, now he gets $500 000 a year for only a third of the work, simply because they amalgamated shires and has to work with two other mayors. Our last opposing mayor was willing to work for free!

    Greed, Corruption & Capitalism are rampant the world over! Makes me spit!!


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  6. cos ur told these r telescopes not laser cannons heh, plus visual space control inconn ELINT, the bat is a GRU icon (in another projection)


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