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  1. You see it on the photos: Soft toys are in the arms of beautiful women, they have won their hearts. It cannot be THAT difficult if such a dumb soft toy can accomplish that.

  2. OMG poor Russians have to resort to selling toys on the street to feed their poor family. A sight unseen in the west since the 1960’s. Poverty has turned Russia in to a unique country where you can revisit great depresession era life in real time. May God Bless them 🙁

  3. Theres nothing sad about it, ive been to lots of different places around the world including london and sydney and theres always some one with junk for sale, its just another way to make a living.

  4. people just try to survive. i respect that. and you do too or we beat you, until you understand – people not toys.
    even if toys – tools for survival, in their hand.

  5. They are getting paid at their factory probably with those toys – so they are trying to convert this stuff into real money. I’ve seen somewhere people standing on the road selling mufflers – brand new – dozens of people…

  6. It’s a matter of the failure to understand the ‘market system’. IE. find a wholesaler, then later a better one, or one outside your regean or country. And yes, Miss India is a carbunkle on the ass of humanity.

  7. Is this Russia? Don’t think so.
    It is Zhlobin, Belarus. Halfway from Minsk to Ukraine.
    City has a soft toy factory – employees can get toys half price.


    P.S. Trucks on a platform are Minsk made MAZes

    • Also maybe when company has cash flow problems, it simply give its products to employees instead of wages. I think that was common in many exSoviet countries in 1990s.

    • No you’re wrong here.
      The place is Sukhinichi, a town in Kaluga region that has a big transit railway station – and a toy factory too.
      One of the stops on the way from Kiev to Moscow, and I know the place too well to mistake it for a different location.

      • Taking my words back. Zhlobin does not have electric rail road as pictured here. It is not Zhlobin on pictures. However electric cord above rail road is the only difference -).

  8. It is common in the ex-ussr, that some cities are “specialized” on a particular product – like soft toys in this case, and those products are normally also sold at the train stations (by ex-workers or current workers – no idea) at ex-works prices or like that, but in any case cheaper that it would cost in a shop. So if you are travelling, for example, from Moscow to Kiev – you’ll pass dozens of such cities, and have a chance to buy kind of everything 🙂

  9. I know this station too…I think it’s Zhlobin in Belarus. I was there a couple of years ago, and was offered many a critter as well, some bigger than their carriers!

  10. Thanks for the explanation everyone.

    I knew that certain cities specialised in certain products – but I thought that almost all of them had gone bust since 1990.

    I’d like to move to the city that makes fun. I would rather have that than a “russian winnie the pooh”.

    I would then sell fun at the station. that would be a good job because, as we all know, fun costs a lot of money….


    • I think in certain situations “russian winnie the pooh” can be fun too. And nobody really wants to live in these cities. To pass them by and take some photoes yes, to live in them – NO!

  11. I remember a station platform, almost midway between Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, in Ukraine, was like soft toy market under sky. I thought some toy factory was around but seems in many places people make a living selling toys to passengers.

  12. it’s called HUSTLE. These people do it to feed their families. In US you do it to become rich. There is your difference in the two countries.

  13. I sincerely dislike the negative comments that some people post here. I remember being a young man here in America and someone asked where I got my shirt from. I answered “My mother made it for me”. They laughed at me. I don’t know what to think about that. Maybe they didn’t have moms.

  14. Let enjoy the “fruit” of freedom of expression.where are my old lovely “Dictatorial” “Centralised” “Party directed” and “Suffocated” days.

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