24 thoughts on “Daily 16”

    • OMG Russia truly is an amazingly poor country, people peeing everywhere, cats everywhere, chicken living with human, military everywhere, roads are dirty. The whole country is look like a giant slum. I hope they are happy nonetheless 🙁

      • 1) In India you get diarrhea just from drinking the water.

        2) Don’t visit the Taj Mahal — all you will see is beggars defecating in front of it.

        3) Indians wash their dead in the Ganges river AND drink from it.

  1. It is clear that the police is not liked very much, judging from the smashed cars. Or, they cannot drive. Probably both.

    Nice set of pictures !

  2. Foto 14 is most-secret Soviet Stealth AirFighter. If all soldiers flap arms quickly they zoom at rapid speed. Is Stealth because no engine to make the loud noise. Is great achievemnet – other nations not deveolp this secret teknology!!! Do not worry, we are peacelover nation and will not bomb you a like evil western nation.

  3. Whenever i have diarrhea, i just take some Diatabs or Imodium tablets and it gives me some relief after a few minutes.,~:

  4. Wow! An Obama monkey joke. How clever.

    Some say that we are a dying nation with no future but this display of creativity fills me with confidence.

    Now, tell me: how come the so called civilized world didn’t think about doing it first?

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