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    • OMG Russians are so poor, look at them their working condition which are totally unacceptable in western standard. Then again in 3rd world poor Russia this is the best job available to the poor people of Russian and western sporting brands like adidas and Reebok are considered luxury goods anyways. I feel sorry for them 🙁

  1. Like i said before, they should at least write their logos in russian when selling in russia, why do they keep using latin alphabet??? Its forced angloization of the world. It kills culture and promotes narrowmindedness. Also I raped Miss. India’s sister. When her mom and dd came in and saw me i just finished on her face(which had a broken nose) and the look on her parent’s face was priceless. In conclusion, let there be peace in Burma.

    • It’s not angloization, because Adidas is from Germany. Blame the Roman Empire for the alphabet that is used by the most countries (including Vietnam!) Nothing wrong with Cyrillic, it’s just the Betamax of alphabets.
      In conclusion, let there be peace in Burma.

    • I think you are wrong about Americans.
      In the US, only people who wear Adidas sport outfits with stripes are former USSR residents, mostly Russians. Oh, and leather jackets. You can spot them a mile away.

      • I have lived in the US, NYC and 90% of the “Russians” I saw were Jews, not ethnic Russians. Just because you were born in the USSR/Russia and speak the language does not make you an ethnic Russian.

        • The concept of ‘etnic Russians’ is exclusively a Russian concept.
          Outdated IMO, very Soviet.
          In the rest of the world someone from Russia with a Russian passport is called ‘Russian’.
          In Russia Jewish Russians are ‘Jews’, in Israel the same people are ‘Russians’.

      • I get your point, however there are other cities in States where are Jewish population is much less than in NYC.

        Without trying to offend you, lets just say that they’re Russian speaking immigrants. I just don’t get why it’s so popular with them.

        I’m also curious who would you define as ethnic Russian?
        Russians got mixed with so many Siberian and other Asian ethnic groups, Turks, Jews, Bulgars, and many other nomad tribes that I don’t think there’s clear Russian line any more.

      • Very true in CZ, too.
        If you see someone wearing parka-style leather jacket, the probability is 99% that you are looking at the ex-USSR citizen. The remaining 1% is a local villager who bought the jacket cheaply from a Ukrainian hawker.

  2. So, if they Adidas are being produced domestically in Russia, why the hell does the finished product cost just as much (if not more) in Russia as it does anywhere else?

    As a domestic product, shouldn’t it be exempt from the exorbitant tariffs that apply to just about every finished product Russia imports?

  3. Its costs much more in Russia!!!
    I think its a mentality they have – the more they pay the better they think it is – kinda like my ex wife!!
    Until Russian people get informed of what things really should cost – they will continue to get screwed with high prices!
    Its also the advertising – its so much everywhere in Russia. Ride one of their buses!!! Many of them look like billboards.

    • I cannot see any, too. Possibly the ladies prefer snacks different from the “GMO peanuts/soya-with-caramelized-sugar-and-false-chocolate” junk food.

      BTW, I understand you mean “sneakers”, but admitting so would be a spoiler.

  4. Lol!…don’t for one minute be fooled into thinking that this an officially licensed factory. It’s a factory producing counterfeit merchandise.

    • it might counterfeit one, but think for a minute – do you actually believe that Adidas, Nike and other stuff is made in luxurious factories where the workers are earning more than local businessmen and they are having truffles for dinner? Counterfeit or not, all these factories (Asia, Russia, Malaysia and co) where the expenses are as low as possible, in working conditions and salaries are plus minus the same.

  5. No, not really. Since I am not russian nor american I don’t really care about what miss indias say… I ust find them annoying and useless.

  6. I agree with you, but most Russian do not. They like to think that some ‘tribes’ are better than others, like Slavs are better than Jews, i.e. ‘Us against them’ is very popular in Russia, it stimulates the feeling of togetherness I guess. For all the wrong reasons. Nowadays ultra-nationalist groups are feeding off this concept, stimulating hatred and violence against foreigners.

    But indeed, there is no such thing as a ‘Russian tribe’ at all. It is a melting pot of many tribes. The most ‘original’ Russians are probably the ones from rural Siberia, with little ‘foreign’ bloodlines mixed in. But in general opinion a Slavic Russian is considered to be a ‘real’ Russian.

    • The idea that nationalism or pride is wrong comes from WWII. The Jews love to bring up the fact that nationalism is dangerous because it will kill more jews or whatever.

      Hatred and violence against foreigners??

      Today Israel kills millions of unarmed Palestinian men, women and children. It does not allow non-Jews to immigrate to Israel. In fact they have built their own wall to keep the arabs out.

      Meanwhile Europe is forced to accept millions of third world immigrants. Many carry diseases like AIDS, and commit serious crimes like rape and murder against us. Not to mention they will outnumber us in our own homeland in less than 50 years. This is genocide.

      There IS such a thing as a ‘Russian tribe’. They were called the Rus.
      Asian tribes who live in Siberia are the descendants of the mongols who settled there when they were conquering that land.

  7. Ethnic Russian = A descendant of the Indo-Europeans (slavs) who settled in Russia.

    Spare me your american multicultural propaganda. Saying every russian is mixed is like saying every french, german, swede, etc is mixed with god knows what.

    Siberia was originally inhabited by asians, it was almost empty until the russian government began exporting it’s own people (and criminals) there, often by force. This is how many of our great-grandparents ended up in siberia.

    You’re just another ignorant American perpetuating the stereotype that every Russian is mixed with an asian. Not only is this inaccurate, it is extremely racist. This racism against east europeans goes back to WWII, by germans and other ignorant europeans who knew almost nothing about our culture or heritage.

  8. Look it this way, whenever the Russian fan buys the National team jersey, its home made. So is CSKA jerseys , and etc. Can you say this about English jerseys. Na , they are made in third world country.

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