Russia from Satelite 5

Russia from satelite

From time to time we publish shots of Russia made from satelites gathered from different places. Today just a few.

The first one is the Black Sea – the warmest sea in Russia also bordering Turkey and some other countries. You can see millions of tons of floating plankton.
There is an interesting detail about Black Sea. It is also sometimes was called Sea of the Dead in the history. It was so because of it’s bottom – there are no any life forms at its bottom because of the vast amounts of hydrogen sulphide coming out from the holes in the bottom and gathering in masses on the bottom thus not letting any plants or fish to grow there. This hydrogen sulphide is a very easy inflammable gas. So during some strongs storms, like back in 1927 it came out to the surface and was ignited and the sea surface was on fire!

Russia from satelite 2

And that’s the great Lena river of Russia pours into the cold Arctic Ocean. It is covered with ice for the most part of the year only in short summer months releases itself from it’s ice imprisonment and turns all the region to the splendid swamp.

Russia from satelite 3

The river Volga, it’s beginning, more than five hundread small rivers join into one big river, the most favorite river of European part of Russia. Hundreds of songs and stories have been composed about it for centuries, and many of Russian medieval cities were built on its shores. Also people say that it’s the best fishing places in the whole Europe.

Russia from satelite 4

Another Russian river, Maina, at Russian region of Chukotka. Here the ice stays even more longer than on the Lena river, just for month or two it gets it out of its waters, but no any plants grow there except some moss and lichen. Chukotka it’s like Russian Alaska. They even border each other through the Bering Straight – in the winter people visit each other and a lot of goods to Chukotka come from Alaska. At this point of the Earth Russia borders America and can be connected with just a decent bridge. Two countries are just in 50 miles away from each other here. People in Russia dreamed before that someday they would have a road from Moscow (European Russia) to Alaska and then thru the bridge to Alaska, USA, so they just could sit on their car and travel from Europe to USA without need of the flight or a ferry.

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    • OMG Russia is an environmental disaster. Look at black sea it used to such a nice , pristine and beautiful sea where people can holiday there without fear. Nowadays the sea is like a chemical lake thanks to Pollution by Russians. I feel sorry for all the people who have to suffer as a result of Russians inconsideration and carelessness 🙁

  1. yeah romanians are pretty bad, but what do u expect, they are like gypsyes. By far the most backwards country in easter europe

  2. I wish evil westerners would stop spying on me! You can see me in my house in foto #1 . I do not a like it when yous is looking at me.

  3. by the way only for americans the master of world financial crisis 2+2=5 , 😕 , ooo no 2+2=6 , 😕 are you a tortured genius ?

  4. You are seriously mistaken, Comrade Putin. The white trash generally despised throughout whole Europe are Russians, no matter how much petrol money they show.
    How comes you still do not get it, after all the hours of BRD TV you have seen while being on assignment in the DDR?

  5. @ authorized1

    >the first picture is UKRAINE,unquote

    No, it is not.

    It is the Black Sea.

    Ukraine is just a country north of the Black sea, partially visible at it’s northern shore in the picture. Russia has a part of it’s N/EE Shore (east of the Asov Sea), next comes Georgia, then Turkey. (I omitted the Georgian territories that claim independence from Georgia)

    To the southeast of Ukraine, there is Romania and Bulgaria, and Turkey again.

    Please, Americans, get a little education on geography and stop making goofs out of yourselves.

    And, YES, Ukraine *was* a part of the former CCCP, thus the news fits here perfectly.


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