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    • OMG revisiting Soviet era transportation is going back to some 50 years ago. So much poverty, outdated technology and backward means of transportation. Why oh why everything had to be substandard and inferior in poor old Soviet Union? I feel sorry for all the people who lived through that time 🙁

  1. As a small boy I often ride the Metro and VI Lenin would conduct metro cars himself. He would stare at me with wee beady eye and pointy beard. I dont know how he drove train while looking only at me, but here he is in foto #79.

    Nice collection fotos!

  2. We saw most of these in previous posts. Such as the 4×4 Moskvich, the “hedgehog” machine gun system and the picture of the wartime deer. The rest is all photoshopped. I can see pixels.


  3. Tantalising as usual – great pics with no info! A lot of them are not self descriptive at all

    Questions knowledgeable Russian folk..

    1) Those jets (about pic 34 what are they?
    2) What is the Sports car with the guy in uniform?
    3) THe one with the large canal – is that the big one that links Moscow with somewhere that Stalin built?



    • Go to the post from a few days ago – http://englishrussia.com/?p=2273

      Detailed account of how militia acquires BMWs.

      Even though they cannot really be labeled as ‘consumer electronics’, they are still quite expensive in Russia. More expensive than abroad, I might add.

    • ww.englishrussia.com/?p=2273

      detailed account of militia acquiring a BMW.

      Although not really ‘consumer electronics’ they are still quite expensive in Russia. More expensive than abroad, even.

  4. Foto #26 is famous Soviet “Krazy Komrade” He believe he may achieve orbit on special motor-bike. If that not bad enough, he convince sexy lady that she could orbit also. Notice sexy lady riding outside of spacecraft!


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