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  1. OMG Russia is such a rich country, no wonder Moscow is the most expensive city in the world, in a few years Russia is predicted to overtake Germany to become the largest European economy. Meanwhile in poor 3rd world backwards America their huge $12 trillion debt is getting larger and larger!

    Some countries are poor but have a rich culture and long history. Others countries have no culture but are rich. America has the rare distinction of being a country that is both poor, has no history, and no culture! No wonder Americans are the laughing stock of the world, so sad! 🙁

  2. OMG that is considered a luxury apartment in Moscow? I’ve seen buildings like that in Zimbabwe too. Russia truly is the Africa of Europe. I feel sorry for poor decent hardworking russians 🙁

  3. 12,1 % of Russian population is living of less than 2 $ p/day.

  4. no luxury appts on photos.
    but yes, in comparsion to typical american buildings – most new moscow homes – just luxury as house on photos, compared to Zimbabve or Burcina Faso housing.
    no offense, but american builders – just thieves and charlatan builders EVER !![in comparsion to their Worldwide collegues].
    im typically shave hands when discover, thats guy near me – american builder. twice at least.

  5. Actually, because of the crisis one can now buy undeveloped land in the Moscow area with 70% discount. No one is constructing anything, the cranes all came to a halt.

    Interesting background on Russia and the crisis, in English :


    At the same time Medvedev is proposing legislation that will make it legal for the Kremlin to remove elected [democratically chosen] mayors and the likes from their posts if they do not behave according to the Kremlin’s ideas. Another step in creating a huge network of incompetent and powerless ass-kissers, and overruling the peoples demands.

    A return to Soviet-style politics.

  6. Bring large tear to mine eye! Ruin beutiful Soviet Era flats to make place for evil western-style capatlist apartment! What come next? Taco Bell? Chuck-e-cheese?

  7. Many Moscovites are in poverty, earning modest wages and living in functional Soviet style flats. It’s a shame when developers buy up these flats, only to evict them and profit from the affluent citizens. I think it is the responsibility of the rich to help the poor in that region.

    Maybe there is something I do not know. Is there help for those that are evicted from flats slated for redevelopment?

  8. let alone Moscow, and talk about Russia.
    why ?
    because Moscow not perfect example – on that prices on land and house … not only Mid-Class cannot afford at all.
    so Moscow not heaven for midle class, even if thats even existed in Russia[systematically wiped by variuse activity of Rulers].

  9. Chilean_dude:
    and only you comments[and opinions]make sense, you mean, my dear truly democrat ?
    i dont think so.
    i even dont think so, you can even think hard enough, to understand, how wrong is you and you way.
    crying aloud about “you” opinion[which is NOT you], “just because” you think its good idea, and other – not so – not good. even 4 you, IMO.

    • Actually, no. In 3rd world countries with big metropolises and “starving countryside”, most of the population lives in rural country, and they are mostly farmers. In Russia, hardly any Russians work in agriculture and 73% of the Russian population lives in cities, and in all Russian cities the standard of living/GDP per capita is about the national average. It is only in the small villages in Russia that are gradually disappearing, that are falling behind.

  10. Chilean_dude: read it literally and think about.
    at least have OWN thinking, my dear puppet.
    position, you imply as own, 300 years old, at least.
    think about thinking own mind, my friend.
    because it is not too late, i hope.
    i hope for america – can be good stop taking racist comment about outside.
    it is can be good not jury US in Nurnberg, after german or [did you read news from far east ?]jew military crimes.
    WMD ? pff… screw you, you against all World, yankee, its not help you – not in that case, my darling.

  11. I forgot in which post people were stating that Russian consumer electronics [i.e. computers] were cheaper than abroad, so I’ll just reply here. I was actually AMAZED at the huge price difference – a lot biiger difference than before !!!

    I stated that imported brand name stuff is most expensive in Russia, and locally compiled PCs are cheaper. Locally compiled standard PC excl. monitor in Russia is around 26000 rubles [555 euro’s]. Which is also not really cheap BTW..

    imported brand name computer : Apple iMac, 24″screen 3.06GHz

    in Russia : 129000 rubles [=2755 euro’s]

    in USA : 2200 USD [=1702 euro’s]

    in UK : £1,359.00 [=1555 euro’s]

    in Holland : 1919 euro’s

    The difference between the cheapest [UK] and the most expensive [Russia] is 1200 euro’s.


    NB – I tried posting this for several attempts, but somehow it won’t let me, so I took out the links – maybe now it works. Check data yourself: the apple websites and for russia mccentre.ru

  12. Maybe the new apartments will have bigger rooms.I could stretch my arms out and almost touch both walls in the kitchen of my wifes former apartment in Ekaterinburg.

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  14. Jason, u visited Ekb?! nice)))
    I cannot recognize any valanters of english-speaking person, i met, who got enough courage to stay in a hotel outside Sadovoe ring))

    what about topic – This houses ara called Hrushevka.
    they are too old. and were made in Hrushev’s ruling time.

    poor Russian studen or Kaukazian gastarbaiter wiil be very happy to rent this flat for about 500 $ per month.

    U know, Moscow is not Russia. unfortunately.

    and also fact about prices in Russia –
    iPhone official sales in US – 299 $
    iPhone official sales in Rus – 799 $
    Bigmak – 2$
    Cell phone call – 0.1 $

    Everage salary in Moscow – 1000$
    Other areas – 400$

    Good luck.

  15. I quote :

    The sourced data refers to the most recent year available during the period 1990-2005. – The first table.

    The second table is referring to 2007/2008. Read. And do not respond when you’re drunk. And in case you’re sober – even worse. Please do not respond at all, then. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Wow, MaxD! Even more BS. The talble you was reffering to is from 1998. You see it stands “information from 1990-2005”? I know this, because I’ve seen that stuff before. Stop the spammage please.

      PS. I respond to your posts WHENEVER I want.

  16. i mean Moscow luxury itself->at that prices 4 land 😉
    even relatively suscessful people cannot afford anything here.
    Russia – most expensive country to live[in World] and contry with worst salary en Europe.
    btw about consumer electronics – until recent rouble downfall its truely comepetive[at least to EU]prices here.
    look at Dec’2007 prices, for example.

  17. If you want, of course, you can always find cheaper things too. I did not even make an attempt to find something specifically more expensive. I already pointed out the NOKIA 5800 Express music.
    Cheaper in Russia, where it was launched first. And a loaf of bread is only 25 – 40 rubles. A bottle of simple French wine is around 20 euro’s in Moscow, but only 4 in i.e. Holland.

    But my point is that in general consumer electronics are MORE expensive in Russia than anywhere else. Also take into account the purchasing power of the average Russian – average wages went down to 500 dollars p/month in December [17,112 r p/month, 206,400 rubles p/year]. So to buy that ‘cheap’ MacBook one needs to work 3 months and should not eat or do anything else.

    In Holland i.e. the average income is 30000 Euro’s [1,397,050.78 rubles] p/year. The MacBook is yours after 3 weeks of work. So the Russian MacBook is over 3 times more expensive in comparison. And do not forget the 35% inflation of the ruble over the past few months. So stuff got ‘cheaper’ when converting to dollars. But still more expensive.

    Another good comparison is IKEA – found everywhere in the world. In Russia WAY MORE expensive, and the quality is worse for some reason.

    And of course, you can say anything you want. But you do not look very smart when you do that.

  18. @Wasserman: вы Вассерман потому что у вас положительная реакция Вассермана? Поздравляю!

    P.S. Могу посоветовать поесть в ИКЕА. Походу в Польше дешевле !

  19. I forgot – 3 monthly salaries for a laptop is more expensive than 3 weeks of salary. Right ? Things should be seen in perspective, not absolute figures only.

    And no, in general average wages are not going down outside of Russia.
    This is not allowed due to binding labor agreements. In Russia the common worker has no power [unions in Russia (the former workers paradise, how pathetic) are discouraged and factually impossible]; and his salary can be lowered if his boss thinks that’s the best way to fight the crisis [his own salary will not be lowered, of course].

    And yes, I have compared the IKEA quality. Otherwise I wouldn’t make that statement. Go to an IKEA website [germany, UK, Russia, whatever you want ]and check yourself. And unfortunately the quality IS worse..

  20. Haha, Joseph pointed out what I was going to. The apartments are still full of furniture! Did the demolition crew even notify the residents before they started bulldozing? *Imagines a Russian man sitting at home watching TV, he suddenly starts screaming as a crane busts through the wall*

  21. I have even better idea!!!!!
    I know…this shocks even me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets have beautiful Russian girls in big machines destroy those apartments…….Wow!!! Now thats a orgasm of highest quality!!!!
    The Russian Ladies in high heels and short dresses climbing into those excavators drives me crazy…….
    Sorry…..got to go………

      • Hey viperman,you still with us?What is it like in Saratov?Is there grafitti everywhere and is there a subway?Is there a ford dealership or a Ikea Mega Mall?There are some pretty ladies in commercials on tv!After most commercials the russian flag is displayed.I am guessing it is because it is state run tv.I learned that russian women change their name when they corespond with forein men.I have not figured out why.ie Lena would be Elena and Tatiana would be Tanya and so on.And if their last name has a letter a at the end,i’m sure you know what that means.

  22. The food was OK. Not luxury, but cheap, and good. At least better then McDonalds.


    Ok, so now you bring in the argument that Russians are poorer then Europeans? Oh Christ..

    General wages ARE going down. People are also getting SACKED. In big numbers. All over the world. Duh!

    And Russian labour unions are non-existent you say? Then I guess the dozens of millions of Russian workers members of them, are not actually not existent? And I guess you don’t even know that the trade labour party is getting more and more confident in their deals? You talk rubbish as usual.

    PS. WTF? Why would IKEA network sites say their quality is worse then in other places?

    • Ok, the final blow.

      I did not say workers unions do not exist. They do, most powerful in St. Petersburg region.
      But if you want to start a union or organise workers to join your union, you will be bullied, beaten up, not get a job anymore, or get killed. All this happened in St. Pete, i.e.

      Employers do not want unions, it conflicts with their interests [money and ‘absolute’ power]. So using their money and power [corruption kicks in now] they make sure being member of a union is not a desire of the working class. As a result, wages are going down, people do have to work in bad conditions, making long hours and not being paid for that, etc etc. And if they complain, they will be kicked out. Also against the law, but if you have money YOU are the law. Remember CORRUPTION ? This is one of the nasty effects. Workers in Russia are in general badly organised, if at all, and most of the time afraid to stand up. The government and the employers do NOT want powerful unions and are obstructing them as much as they can.
      Examples are all over the place [but not shown on state television and covered in [state-controlled] printed media. Moscow times, Novaja Gazeta, Vedomosti are papers that DO cover these subjects, and look what happens – journalists are killed, abused, dissappear… Welcome to Russia, where money rules stronger than ever.

      NB-Of course IKEA does not state they have bad quality stuff on their website – I was referring to the prices, which are higher for many products in Russia. But in Russia the quality is worse [probably because many products are produced locally].

      I can give you links to prove all those things above, but do some research yourself. I’m not a reference library.

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