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  1. OMG is that a typical Russian monthly wage? Just about 100 Roubles for one month’s hard work? No wonder Russians are leaving for the West in millions cause they can earn more in one day than their monthly wage in poor Russia. I feel sorry for them 🙁

    • LOL Russia has 10 million illegal labour immigrants that have come to Russia because it’s economy is so good. In 2007, 300,000 people legally immigrated to Russia and only 47,000 left (LOL @ “millions”), and the number of people leaving Russia decreases by 20% each year because the economy is getting so good. At least get your facts straight. http://www.gks.ru/bgd/regl/b08_12/IssWWW.exe/stg/d01/05-09.htm

      • “In 2007, 300,000 people legally immigrated to Russia and only 47,000 left”

        “Immigration” and “migration” as not the same meaning.
        You must to know it, if your literacy is good enough to use a PC.
        In fact a table, which you gave a link to, says that 300,000 individuals have got a Russian entry visa in 2007 (all these businessmen, tourists, missioners and so on).
        This table doesn’t tell how many of them applied and received Russian permanent resident status.(If you’d like you could find a real statistic in Internet which says this number is almost equal to zero)
        Your link, actually works against you and your propaganda. It shows that in 1997, before your Putin came to power, much more Russians had an opportunity to travel abroad, as well as much more foreigners would and could travel to Russia. (almost 600,000 in, and more than 200,000 out in 1997)
        Since this regime was established, migration between Russia and other counties has degraded substantially.
        Actually, these numbers comparable with some third word African country migration digits.

        • Look, instead of wasting time of this senseless rhetoric, why don’t you make sure the Forum is free from spam? Looks like all the moderators and many long-time englishrussia members have deserted you. Try to ask yourself why!

          It was (once upon a time) a very good site after all…

        • “sovieticus” … is that supposed to be an insult?

          No, I never want to insult anybody.
          I’m not a dumb homo-sovieticus like you are.

          English for me is just one from my five speaking languages. Some of them I know better, some – worst.
          Did you misunderstood something in my postings? Do you need some translation? What?

  2. I wonder how long it takes before million and billion denomination bank notes will make a comeback in Ukraine?Judging by economic incompetencies and theft of Yushchenko’s government, I’m guessing pretty soon…

      • Nice to see such concern for fellow human beings on you part DBA. I guess you don’t have any family members in Ukraine.

        • Actually, I do.
          About 50% percents of my relatives are living in Ukraine, and I myself was born there too.
          Another fifty percents – in the USA, Kazakhstan, and Russia.
          And those Ukrainians (their last name is Petrenko), are not “fellow human beings” for many of those fellow members of this forum (especially from Russia), but they are free citizens of free country.

          • Petrenko, just to clarify: by “free citizens of free country” are you in all seriousness, being of a sound mind, referring to Orange Ukraine?

  3. If they were soviet kopeks the hammer and sickle would be on them.If they were russian federation the 2 headed eagle would be on them.I think there is a missprint with the title of this page!

  4. Hey English Russia,

    I love your blog but you are wearing me out with your inability to distinguish between “some Russian” and a Ukrainian.

    Maybe you guys are still living in the past or something and hopefully I can clairify:

    Ukraine is not Russia.

    • English Russia is a daily entertaiment blog devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries, such as Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc. Everyday something interesting happens in the countries occupying 1/6 of the populated world. We are here to inform you about it.

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  6. Those coins are NOT Russian. They are Ukrainian. No patriotism, but it’s not very amusing to see such inability to distinguish evident things.

    • Yes, those coins are Ukrainian. So what? Do you think that some Russian visiting Ukraine on regular basis and/or having relatives there cannot have a pack of such things just for fun (no patriotism mentioned)? 😀 So, what did you just say about distinguishing things? 😉

  7. yeah, it’s cool! )
    but it’s not RUSSIAN ART!!!
    it’s UKRAINIAN!
    it’s ukrainian money!
    russians wouldn’t steal our money and do that stuff with them!
    please, write that it’s ukrainian art!
    because Russia and Ukraine are different countries!
    i’m not against russians, i just don’t like when people call ukrainians russians!

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  15. UKRAIN IS RUSSIA TOO,like Belarus & other countries of USSR..
    it’s NOT my opinion,it’s ALL ABOUT MENTALITY! a lot of “non-russian” spokers just can’t understand this thing..state borders between russia,ukrain,belorus,moldova etc. not like between usa and russia,or EU and usa..for most of people in those countries(ukrain,belorus) “state borders” it’s just a bad word..and they have same mentality & “mind structure” with russians..and wants to be “accessed with russia”..
    I know this is not from hearsay but from life.
    Thanks for attention

  16. Это НЕ РУССКИЕ монеты и забава тоже НЕ РУССКАЯ!!!
    Это Украинские забава т.к. монеты хохляцкие!!!

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  18. So they happen to be coins from this country or that country…does it matter so much where the coins are from? Whats all the politics, bigotry, and arguing about? I think the whole point of this blog was to show off some really cool coin art.
    It is entirely possible a Russian had a hoard of foreign coins to play with, lots of people who travel have hoards of coins from their travels. Whoever made these coin sculptures, good job and thank you for sharing it with us.

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