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    • OMG Russian cars are soo slow, even a bullock cart driven by Amish boys are faster than that. It looks like Russian police have to rely on some used vehicles from 2nd ww era left behind by generous american soldiers. Such a 3rd world backward country in deed πŸ™

      • OMG Russians are so careful and never put the public in any danger, unlike poor trash Americans who don’t care about putting their people in danger and only care about television ratings. Such a backwards country, no wonder America is just a collection of rejects from around the world who couldn’t make it in their own country, so sad! πŸ™

  1. This must be one of the most amateurish car chases ever.

    And all that because the guy forgot to pay a bribe when requested to do so. πŸ™‚

  2. Guys, please don’t forget, there is no “police” in Russia! There is only a “militia”!
    The real police, which exists in every other country except Russia, do exists for preserving the law and order. Russian militiamen are just another form of gangsters (in uniform).
    ..There is no law and order in Russia for you, if you have some money for bribes! (I’m sure this driver of the BMW is a free man now.)
    ..If you understand Russian, just listen to what they say… Foul words in every sentence…
    But, most funny thing for me in this video,was that: “I’m out of ammo! (After making eight shoots and did’t hit any wheel from distance of then feet!) Go forward and shoot at him!”
    That’s really fun!
    ..Curiously, how those gangsters-militiamen didn’t shoot themselves in a foot..

  3. Most boring chase ever! I kept saying to myself, “ram him! block him off! do something!” I agree with “russia in dark” — i think the driver of the BMW got bored, because in his car, he could have lost the police easily.

  4. I almost fell asleep watching that slow speed chase.If it was in america it would have been over much sooner.Maybe the russian police(милиция)could learn how to perform the pit manuver.

  5. The criminal BMW driver was simply trying to return home in time to view “Amazing Police Chases” on the televisor. It is his favorite programme

  6. One thing is true, the Russian police didn’t put any civilian in danger… In USA cops would run over or shoot some inocent people

    Edgar, Portugal

    • American cops dont run over and shoot innocent people you dingdong. America is obsessed with public safety. The police running over or shooting a civilian would be a national outrage. What you see in movies is not true.

      • “Police order teen to lay on the road or be tasered. Boy complies and is run over and killed”


        This just today’s news. You’ll find similar news *every* day.

        • I’ve lived in USA my whole life and I have NEVER seen a police chase.

          The lesson I learned from your link is that 18 year-old Aussies like to run people over.

    • For God sake!!! Did they do not put civilians in danger??? Please,look at their driving skills, how they shoot the other car without taking elementary safety measures with regard to other lane incoming traffic and passersby, and so on… This was one of the worst unprofessional behavior I saw in my entire life… Poor Russia with this sort of amateurs!!!

  7. In soviet times police had so little resources they had to chase criminals by bus at times, because they had run out of petrol! So there is progress…

    • In my hometown an off-duty milizioner told us a bunch of stuff like that: For example, most of them were foot patrols, so when they were needed somewhere, they basically had to run across 1/3 of the city =)) and they had to lie over the radio that they’re almost at the scene.

  8. Again! ! ! ! Brutal KRAUT was captured and kicked back to home land! ! ! ! and we keep car.well deserved price rewart for suspenseful reality chase!!!home! ! ! !were the sausage is ! ! ROSSIYA will rule!!!!!

  9. Miss India when you open your mouth dont say trash
    the second police car is a bmw too but in your country you dont have bmws yes i forgot….
    btw what happened with bollywood? they didnt takd you ?

  10. Insulting people does not make you look smarter, more cool or appear to speak the truth. You actually accomplish the eact opposite.
    I guess you are young and simply don’t know these facts. Police [in Moscow at least] had a constant shortage of cars and petrol. Police was not like the privileged KGB.

    • Oh yes mighty MaxD, because you know so much. Where is proof of this? Soviet police WAS very privileged.

      There is a god damn reason Soviet streets were among the most secure in the world (at least before 90’s).

      And I’m NOT talking about 80’s and 90’s.

      PS. I can insult HOW MUCH I WAN’T, because this is an on-line forum. It doesn’t matter.

  11. So um….. did everyone else miss the mostly naked woman at the 21:26 mark? or is this just such a normal part of russian life it doesn’t get mentioned πŸ˜€

    • Dammed if thats not a naked woman!!!! If its not, its a bottomless woman with a skin colored top on! Big Bush!! Why is she standing there?

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  13. OMG, that’s the most pathetic video i have ever seen!

    PS anyone defending cops on that video, need to see a good doctor, before it’s too late.

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  15. In frame 21:21 you can see her getting out of the parked car as the police approach. If you are naked in public why would you get out of a car in front of some police? Maybe its not a big deal in Russia.

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