No Monument, Please

Russians against Monument

This monument was built in Moscow, but caused a lot of protest. They are even protesting now, after it’s standing there for some time. Some people say it was included in the list of the ten ugliest structures in the world.

One artist decided to see how it look like if placed not in Moscow but in other places in the world.

Russians against Monument 2

Russians against Monument 3

Russians against Monument 4

Russians against Monument 5

Russians against Monument 6

Russians against Monument 7

Russians against Monument 8

Russians against Monument 9

Russians against Monument 10

“Monuments are against the monument”

Russians against Monument 11

works by Alexei Soloviev

24 thoughts on “No Monument, Please”

  1. This was originally a statue of columbus that we decided to dive to south america on an anniverciry of columbus, but they thought it was ugly and did not accept it. Now its been made into Peter

    a lot of people say that its not just ugly but innacurate as well

    • OMG look at how UGLY that British statue is! Of course Russians should stick to building beautiful Russian monuments. Meanwhile poor trash backwards Americans cannot build any monuments because they have no history or culture, no wonder the entire world views them as an uncultured barbarians! 🙁

    • mwahahaha!!!

      you should see it in real. it’s horrible, Peter looks like ugly toad 8-[

      Oh, I know why you like it – because Peter foughts with Sweden, right? (joking:)

      Come to Moscow (in the spring), we are not too far from Sweden. : )

      We have much more interest and nice staff here, really.

    • That’s problem indeed, that you do not understand. What are you going to do about it ?

      It looks like it was made by a commitee instead of an artist.

      Indeed ! Good point. I think I read this quote somewhere before, but that does not matter.

  2. IIts hard to understand why they placed this status in Moscow…

    Peter was a St. Petersburg czar (city named after him)… he created st. petersburg and lived there…
    he really had nothing to do with the development of Moscow..

    If anything this should be moved to St. Pete…

    Also… if this was about 5-10 meters shorter… would look much better


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