The Mobile Computer

Russian Mobile Computer

When the recession reaches it’s most coarse drastic form and the consumption would aim for zero point values, then all the Asian production would stop causing so much chaos there. That means for us that no cheap consumer electronics would be made.

Still some middle-class proffesionals would need a mobile computer to be carried with them on their job tasks, so anyone would be able to make a mobile computer like this.

It’s durable, lasting doesn’t attract much attention and still it’s a mobile computer!

Some people in Russia has already started making some.

Russian Mobile Computer 2

Russian Mobile Computer 3

Russian Mobile Computer 4

Russian Mobile Computer 5

Russian Mobile Computer 6

Russian Mobile Computer 7

Russian Mobile Computer 8

Russian Mobile Computer 9

Russian Mobile Computer 10


42 thoughts on “The Mobile Computer”

  1. Excellent !! Some paint to finish it up in a nice way and there you go !! And no extra charge for the weight lifting involved ! The shorter office worker can sit on it when driving to work !!

      • OMG such a backward country. Who want to lug 20KG computer while you can use your Iphone for all your computing needs? Russia truly is 50 years behind the west when it comes to technology 🙁

        • OMG Russians are so creative and adapt to any situation no matter the hardship, unlike 3rd poor trash Americans, who would be paralyzed if faced any crisis! Such a backwards people, no wonder 3rd world poor backwards Americans are the only people in the world left that use ancient measurements like “yards”, “feet”, “miles” and “degrees fahrenheit”, such a backwards people! 🙁

  2. There’s no such thing as “cheap consumer electronics” in Russia.

    Electronic goods are a lot cheaper in the United Kingdom… and that’s saying something.

  3. Err.. no actually Russian Miss India (I’ll call you that to distinguish you from the my pupil, the Real Miss India).

    Here in the UK (we are currently paralysed by a crisis of a bit of snow) we still use miles officially. We don’t use the rest anymore though. Unless you are old.

    Headmaster scot

  4. The imaginative computer designs look toooo.. unreal and far-fetched. You may actually land up seeing sleeker versions of existing PCs as an outcome of recession.



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  6. If you buy a brand like Apple, the price in Russia is significantly higher, even with the 30% deflated ruble. If it is a PC build in Russia from off-the-shelf standard components, it is probably cheaper.

      • Go to a shop in Russia. Have a look around. Yesterday I was in Tver – very expensive.

        Then go online and check out the price for Apple at i.e. US = cheapest, Europe = more expensive, Russia = most expensive.

  7. Those who made smart & sarcastic comments didn’t get one somple fact: the guy made nice & working thing just out of some trash.
    You don’t know the date it was created or was it obsolete & ridiculous by then but one thing is the true about all of you you can take a good thing & create a piece of a trash.

  8. I think the guy did a great job making a portable PC.
    He not only solved a problem He can do some weight lifting and build up the forearms a bit. Also it shows he’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

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  11. Mobile computing is on the rise these days. Maybe we will get a dual core powered cellphones in the future.*`’

  12. probably some enterprising guy made it as a “joke”, one to show at the office, no doubt it works and it will take the hard bumps that the russian roads might give to your car or bus!

    “Technology advancement” to me means, “fitting the tool to the task required”! if everything around you is hand made looking, like i read that in Russia many things are, then a handmake computer that can be moved makes a lot of sense!



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