Russian Orthodox Christian Priests

Russian Orthodox Church Priest

Russians have mixed feelings about the priests of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Some consider them to be almost holly (well, really maybe just some), others are not glad with some money schemes the ROC was involved in during last years.

To comment a little, during 1990s the state couldn’t support church with any money but they wanted to (maybe they believed it would help them somehow, or their sins would be pardoned someway) so they passed to church some very honey business opportunities like importing cigarettes and tobaco products to Russia without any taxes, so in just months Russian Orthodox Church has become the main dealer of cigarettes in Russia pushing out from the market any other competitors who had to pay taxes and this lasted for years.

Other people say that they can’t trust modern day priests because during that same time – after the Soviet Union collapse – some people went to study for priests just with the thoughts that they would always have plenty of food and place to live if they join the church.

Well, nevertheless, for sure there should be some real believers and followers of Christ’s path, who are ready to fast for 40 days and then give out the last dime to the asking soul. Please submit some photos of such if you met one, I believe there should be!

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 2

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 3

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 5

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 6

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 7

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 8

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 9

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 10

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 11

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 12

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 13

Russian Orthodox Church Priest 14

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  1. The priest in the 1st pic from top and all others with the Mercedes is the late Alexiy II..(he died a couple months ago)- previous head of Russian Orthodox Church….equivalent of the Pope in Rome.

    what car and plane does the Pope move around in and how many people does he have serving him???

    also.. the priest by the plane – Mitropolit Kirill.. is the newly elected head of Russian Orthodox church.. the new equivalent of the Pope.. so these are not just any priests… these are The highest ranked priests… just like all high ranks of any organization they enjoy some comforts that 95% of other priests don’t have access to.

    At least there are no stories or reports of priests molesting boys…..

  2. What could be worst ? Try to imagine protestant leaders dealing about prostitutes at some meeting in USA… Who are them ? American, Brazilian and Canadian Church Leaders… Martin Luther must be mad !!!

  3. I believe the caption under the SUV-driving priest means :

    “Did you replace your summer tyres with winter ones, my son, and do you believe that they will save you ?”

    But I would appreciate if a Russian person could confirm that.

  4. I think it’s fair that the sheeple, who still believe in space-god in heaven, have these kinds of leaders.


    Туловища которые до сих пор верят в бога заслуживают таких лидеров.

  5. “At least there are no stories or reports of priests molesting boys…”

    They will surely mushroom the very moment Comrade Putin decides the clergy has too much influence for his liking and realizes it is high time to get rid of it 😀

    • Putin drinks blood of childern, never-ever sleeps and looks for world domination! He is AntiChrist!

      We report, you decide.


  6. Which porn mag is that priest holding.Maybe I will become a priest so I could drive around in a $60,000 Mercedes or BMW.Oops,this is in Russia,I mean $70,000 Mercedes or BMW.Hell maybe I will drive a red Acura NSX like the one above.

  7. OMG they joined Clergy so they can have food and lodging? I am not surprised Russian Orthodox Church is the laughing stock of the world :(. Look at their Gold plated robes, trying to look original and grandeur like those child molesting catholic priests.

    • Ah… Miss India

      Marks today: 5/10

      Excellent – not only have you linked your post to the pictures… YOU HAVE MANAGED READ SOME WORDS!! 5 marks for that.

      The rest of the post, unfortunately, is badly written showing your obvious lack of education. Again, you have made a rather ridiculous claim. In this case you say that the Russian Orthodox Church is the laughing stock of the world. That’s not really true is it? Was that from your “trusted source”?

      let’s see if you can get back up to 8/10? lease ask if you are not sure how to do that.

      yours in academia

    • ohh thats because treating cows like holy and hurting, beating them up so you can justify killing them for exporting leather is soo much more bright

  8. OMG look at how Russia’s ancient religion is flourishing once more, such a ancient country with a rich and cultured history! Meanwhile, young poor trash America’s entire history consists of slavery and making money, no wonder they are considered uncultured savages by the entire world, so sad! 🙁

  9. Are you for real, people?! You judge the whole religion based on just these few pictures… There will always be people who can take advantage of the trust that others give them, but this is not the point of any religion! These days one can dig out any dirt on anybody if they really want to.

    Oh, by the way, the author of the post wanted to see some pictures from the “other side” of the Orthodoxy, so take a look at these: .

    Seriously, people, use your brains!

  10. Didn’t they get $$ from alot of the Mafia gangs some of the oilygrouchs
    are discovering religion but can’t cross themselves properly. Bet some of the priests have secret wifes and kids too.

  11. “At least there are no stories or reports of priests molesting boys…”

    Yeah, they have nuns at their disposal so why mess with little boys?


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