10 thoughts on “Pants Down in Ukraine”

  1. Okay, I’m out of the loop… exactly what is being protested.

    Would be more interesting if it was girls without pants.

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  3. Uh, maybe it’s because we’re all a bunch of heathens over here, but I see people running around half naked like this all of the time. We haven’t figured out how to organize a subway trip like this though – maybe because we don’t have a subway.

  4. Miss India, be a little more careful when saying things like that about Ukraine, and watch your language, please! It is obvious that you are Russian on the way you are writing, and it is sad that such people, with a low level of intelligence, live in Russia and bring their country to where it is now…
    And if you have some personal hate upon Ukraine – keep it to yourself! Just because Ukraine refuses any cooperation with Russia (well who else wants to be with Russia, hehe) doesn’t mean that it is the way you describe it. As sad as it may sound to you, Russians are the ones who go to places and look for a job, everywhere …. Ukraine is far behind in that regard (at least according to statistics) 😉

  5. Funny… I thought the boxer-rebellion was a Chinese thing. But what do I know?

    Seriously–if this is some kind of protest it must be about state secrets. That could explain the lack of protest signs.


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