Lenin on the Ball

Lenin standing on the ball

Lenin standing on the ball is an idea for the momument that was used widely in Soviet Russia. Actually, the ball symbolizes the Earth globe.

They say that when people type the word “Lenin” 50% typing it for the first time would type “Lening” with the letter “g” at the end, you can try doing it someday, when you’ll forget about this already – because if you try right now I bet you’ll type it correctly.

Lenin standing on the ball 2

Lenin standing on the ball 3

Lenin standing on the ball 4

Lenin standing on the ball 5

Lenin standing on the ball 6

7 thoughts on “Lenin on the Ball”

  1. There should have been a George Washington on the earth in the USA.Todays world would be much different if Washington never left the UK with his vision of capatalism!

  2. Amazing how russians admire a man who caused wanton destruction and miseries to Russians for 70 years! It seems to me that the more you subjegate Russians, the more they love you? Are Russians submissive people who cant live dictator and autocratic ruler? 🙁

  3. you’re right. but maybe Lenin has nothing to do with this, and that’s all because “рука руку моет”?

  4. Max… are you still self-harming? Look, I do understand just how difficult it is living with depression from personal experience. But don’t worry, there is help. It’s just that you must realy want to help yourself first, and stop this senseless self-denial.

    But I do have faith in you friend. Perhaps one day the glass will be half-full for you too.


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