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    • OMG look at the rich and sexy Russians! Why oh why can’t poor trash Americans look more like them instead of being disgusting interracial half-breeds, so disgusting! 🙁

  2. It’s the fault of capitalism, that the once mighty Russian people are wasting their time on this nonsense.
    In the USSR all people were good workers like Alexey Stakhanov.

    • Ah… Miss India, you’re misunderstanding is so sexy & cute!

      Most of these pictures show something called “advertising”. Companies that “advertise” only ever spend money if there are people with money to buy things called “products”. If there are ads – there is money.

      As for your comments on prostitution – Can you tell us a little more like what percentage of Russian women are prostitutes in Dubai etc? I know there are some in London… you can tell them by their supertight stone-washed jeans and white boots with gold patterns. Hot!

    • Oh please, since when was russia ever mighty? Before capitalism they were slaves to the russian government. Your so called “mighty russian people” now have time for things THEY like to do and don’t bend to the will of the oppressive government. The russian people are finally having some fun in their lives.

    • Landlords make lots of money having the facade of their building covered in a huge billboard – up to millions p/year if the building is in a good to excellent spot, like close to Red Square.

      The m.o. is usually like this: they announce a renovation and erect a huge scaffolding, which in turn is then covered with this huge printed fabric; the billboard. After that, nothing. No renovation, jusy money pouring in the landlords pockets. The tenants are sitting in the dark, sometimes for years. Afraid they will be kicked out [no tenant-protection at all in Russia] they do not protest. They suffer.

  3. OMG! I’ve never seen such a bizarre cartoon, i mean by the graphic technic, its like, ahmmm, i just can’t describe it.

    Second, is this some kind of Winnie the Poo based cartoon?

    Third, was this under the soviet era, if so, did they (the government) made it??

    Fourth, i noticed that there is no Vini Puch articles under any language in Wkpd, do you where i can fin either english, spanish or french info on this???

  4. ha ha ha … have seen few of those pics before ….but many from those above are new ones … lol

    each pic are really better n funniest then each other

  5. I’m not russian, so maybe I’m not smart enough 😉 but what is the “gay” joke? (the white-haired man reading the newspaper at a restaurant). What’s the double-meaning?


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  12. Can someone please explain the double meaning of the woman standing next to the bear mascot, with the man taking a picture of her.

  13. I wonder how many of these images are photo-shoped?… If they are original then that statue one must havetaken a lot time for clicking….

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  18. Informatively hilarious. Really:))..The writer seems to grab the idea of ‘save the last for the best. LMAO…!

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