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        • Yah, well I know a passive agresive screwball when I see one, and I should know because I’m one myself! Still I’ve started feeling sorrow for the old bird now… She could be some old wannabe princess who nagged her poor husband to death (Oh how he suffered!) her childeren all grown and gone and refussing to have anything to do with her – not even grandchildren to play with…. Nothing but the desire to be important to someone. It really is sad – I guess I’ll stop messing with her now….

          …or maybe not! ^_^

        • I’m sorry – I had to re-read this again. You wrote ‘MI’ and I understood ‘me’ – but I see now you’re right: we’ve got got a Miss India clone on our hands.

      • Ah….Miss India. Your education continues – let me help.

        These are pictures of snow and mountains and skiers. The people in the pictures can be termed as “visiting” the places. This is because they would like to enjoy the snow and the beauty.

        The reason they are not packed (like beaches in Spain) is because many people prefer hot places where they can avoid exercise, get drunk, annoy locals and vomit in the street with their breasts falling out.

        So, you see, your comment is slightly incorrect.

        love & kisses


  1. I think it’s tragic that there are so many unhappy people out there. I’ve always been an incredibly lucky person. I’m poor; but somehow I always get what I want. Work hard and play hard! This morning in the east the sun is coming up behind our magestic Cascade Mountain range, soon to the west it will hit our lower coastal mountains. I love the sun and the mountains! 7:45 am time to go to work (the government needs my money).

  2. “including the tallest mountain of Europe and Russia – mt. Elbrus”

    As far as I know the highest mountain in europe is Monte Bianco known also as Mount Blanc.

  3. The Caucases Mountains are absolutely beautiful. I like ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana that located 60 kilometers (37 mi) from the center of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai.
    Here is some pictures of it: http://www.krasnayapolyana.se/?page_id=28/

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