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    • While the west is busy building supercomputer capable of 1 milllion teraflops, Russians are busy creating a freaking bubble machine! 🙁 How backward Russia truly is

      • Ah.. Miss India, your ignorance is somehow quite cute! Let me explain – This is just a silly invention by someone having fun.

        Let me know if you need further assistance in understanding these posts!

        Love scot

    • Actually the cold war was lost in 1989 when Gorbacheve went soft and allowed american rock bands into the soviet union to play at the moscow music peace festival.Ozzy Osbourne,Motley Crue,Skid Row,Scorpions,Cinderella,Bon Jovi,and russia’s own Gorkey Park.2 days of music.I was 16 when I watched it on MTV.After that russians became more free thinking and creative.2 Years later the soviet union disappears and capatalism takes over.Scorpions song “wind of change”is about russia and america being friends.ROCK ON PEOPLE!

  1. I just love this blog. Too bad people like “Miss India” are trolling.
    I don’t know anything about Russia (I’m Swedish and have never been anywhere near Russia) but this blog is still very interresting.

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